Kia Tasman pickup.

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The Tasman will be Kia‘s first global pickup truck, and its name is just one letter away from a 1995 Seinfeld joke.

While the exterior seems to adopt the “classic trucky” look with a few offbeat design cues, the interior seen in these spy photos looks pretty modern. Trying very hard to mix futuristic and macho into one single cabin. And why not…

Due to our 1960s 25% “Chicken tax”, the new Tasman will probably not be imported to the US unless Kia decides to build it over here. There have been rumors about this since Kia has been testing the new pickup in Michigan as well as around the world.

It seems the Toyota Tacoma has pretty much the foreign “compact” pickup truck market for itself in the US, with over 234,000 of them sold last year. Even the good old Nissan Frontier cannot compete at that level with just over 58 000 sold in 2023.

Is there really a market for another mid-sized pickup truck in the US? One from Kia?

So far Kia has announced the new truck will launch in Korea, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East.

I guess we will know a bit more soon.

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