2026 Toyota Celica.

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Toyota chairman Akio Toyota mentioned a few months ago he would like to see a return of the Toyota Celica.

While it was produced, from 1970 to 2006, the Toyota Celica was always a solid. You could always count on a new generation coming and it was “almost” always a good-looking car. An affordable stylish and practical coupe for the rest of us. Just like others like the Honda Prelude. Of course, we all know what happened to 2 door cars, inexpensive or not. And now we live in a Toyota RAV-4 world.

Still, many are trying to guess what a possible next-generation Toyota Celica could look like. I remember a few years ago when the automotive press and car nerds were asking, even begging for a new Toyota Supra. The Supra started as a more luxurious and expensive 6-cylinder version of the old Celica. It is now a BMW cousin based on the Z4. And while not cheap, it isn’t that crazy expensive at $ 47,000. And still, Toyota only sold around 2600 of them in the US last year. After all the asking and begging.

I can see why Toyota wouldn’t be that crazy about reviving the Celica.

However, a brand new Honda Prelude is on its way. It will be based on the newly released Honda Civic hybrid, with a much more stylish 2 door hatchback style. A new Celica would have to stay affordable and could possibly be based on the next Corolla Hybrid. Why not.

It could be a nice idea as long as it doesn’t look like the one in the illustrations above. That thing looks like a blob with a 2025 Camry front end attached to it. The Celica always had personality and this doesn’t have any.

I say yes to a new Celica. But a good-looking one.

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  1. I don’t like the front end grille looks like a camry or corolla . I wish this celica as 1990 to 1993 front end is awesome on 2026 celica .

  2. Random stranger: “ooh, nice Camry Coupe bro”
    Celica owner: “thanks, it’s a Celica though, not a Camry”
    Another random stranger: “hey, nice Prius Coupe buddy”
    (Celica owner rage quits)

  3. $47,000 for a supra isn’t cheap. The Supra isn’t a big success because most people want a legendary toyota engine like the 1jz or 2jz or a future Successor. Not a BMW with a toyota badge.
    The new camry is the same as last gen when it comes to the sides of the car. Its boxy front with flowing sides. Not a great look in my opinion. A celica that looks like the camry will flop unless its sporting something impressive with a decent price tag.

  4. LOL @ the “Prius coupe” comment, though if a modern Celica was to be built, that is almost exactly what it would be. The Scion tC essentially replaced the Celica in the US market, and this looks like a natural evolution from that model. Plus, the original tC was loosely based on the European Toyota Avensis platform, as were the 2nd-gen Prius and Lexus HS. So it all kind of makes sense. And other than the blobby greenhouse, I don’t really hate these illustrations too much.

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