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Lucid is working hard on the new Gravity SUV and it is on track for a late 2024 release. I personally saw it inside and out last November and it is quite an impressive vehicle in person.

Next is something smaller and cheaper. Just like the Rivian R2. Except it looks like the new Lucid offering will be quite slick. At least from what we can see on the covered prototype.

I think Lucid will be trying to compete with both the Tesla Model Y and the Model 3 with one new model. By offering what looks like a cross between a very sleek SUV coupe and a fastback sedan. Instead of 2 distinct models like the Lucid Air and Gravity. Which is actually a smart idea.

Of course, we have no specs yet but prices are rumored to start at around $48 000/$50 000. Which of course would be much cheaper than the Lucid Air Sedan or the Gravity SUV. But also very close to the Rivian R2 starting at around $45 000. And of course, the Telsa Model Y. Which now starts at $ 45,000 for the long-range RWD since the slightly cheaper shorter-range RWD version isn’t on the menu anymore.

I think a sleek practical $48 000 Lucid could do very well. And I personally can’t wait to see what they are working on…

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  1. I can’t wait to see this new Lucid either. Hopefully they have been working on the software glitches that Motortrend suffered from and brought attention to in their Lucid Air long-term test.

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