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The illustration above shows what a rebirth of the Cadillac Sedan DeVille based on GM’s Ultium platform could look like.

The new illustration is obviously based on the previous “Coupe DeVille” illustration posted a few weeks ago. It shows a really large Cadillac sedan with classic proportions. Although it doesn’t seem much larger than the Cadillac CT6 sedan we had for a few years, except for maybe a longer trunk.

At various times in its long history, the DeVille series was available as a 4-door sedan, a 2-door coupe, and a 2-door convertible. Through many generations, the sedan was produced from 1949 to 2006. The 2-door coupe was dropped by 1993.

Up to 1977, the 2 door Coupe DeVille was often more popular than the sedan. Something hard to imagine these days when 2 door cars are very rare in general. These large sedans were always pretty popular for Cadillac, with over 100,000 units sold most years. Of course, sales started going down in the early 2000s. And while the CT6 was a better car than the DeVille ever was, sales numbers never went over 10,542 units back in 2017.

Of course, large sedans aren’t the most popular things these days, but I really think a larger Ultium-based Cadillac that reminds people of Cadillac’s rich history could really work in the EV age. Something that needs to cost less than a Mercedes S-Class or BMW i7. Something very different from the $340,000 Cadillac Celestiq.

The Tesla Model S is a 12-year-old model and sales are of course taking a dive after that long. Still, over 26,000 of them were sold last year. And over 90,000 in 2022. I think there is a market for a under 100,000 large modern EV sedan with some retro design cues.

From the responses I get every time I post one of these “Future Cadillac” illustrations, there seem to be a lot of Cadillac fans out there who just don’t like the current lineup at all. Something with more personality would really help.

Cadillac has shown sketches of possible future design directions and they all look good. Let’s hope the upcoming new sedans we know they are working on will be a step in the right direction…

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  1. The foreign luxury makers still make sedans , coupes, convertibles.
    If Cadillac at least made a coupe off the Lyriq , who would great .
    Not everyone wants a Crossover.
    They will be seen as a Mini Van , when the market for these ugly look alike pods crest , and it will.
    Sad thing is Cadillac stands alone in the GM car line up….with nothing to compare itself.
    Cadillac is a legend, and an important part of GM & US automotive legacy .
    GM should be throwing everything they have at the brand, then pricing it .
    They need an ELECTRA sedan at Buick ….’ Goddess Of The Dawn , no better a name for an EV.
    For decades GM has gone by polls , and focus groups….and not led .
    If they built a beautiful Cadillac, with a NAME, or imported the CT6 ( Deville) , they would fill an important market, and image niche .

  2. A CT6 designed sedan made in America would give Mercedes, BMW, and, Audi a real run. If GM can build a super high quality vehicle the world will buy it!

  3. Cadillac needs to build a beautiful nice large luxury Sedan DeVille. Cadillac doesn’t need to let Mercedes Benz BMW AUDI Lexus and Infiniti build large luxury Cars. Cadillac can build a beautiful nice large luxury Sedan DeVille that I believe would sell very well & compete with the foreigners very well in sells.

  4. I’m a Cadillac Lover & a lot of us Cadillac lovers still like big fast Cadillac Engines cause they run so very much good 👍

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