2025 Tesla Model Y.

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The spy photo on top shows what could be the revised Tesla Model Y for 2025. Or so it seems.

The Model Y is expected to get the same changes the Model 3 got a few months ago. That means a new improved interior that still looks a lot like the old one. A new front end and new rear end as well. And no new battery or longer significant change in the range. Again, just like the Model 3.

I posted older photos of Model 3 prototypes. As you can see, the headlights were not covered. Or covered by a small camouflage cloth that could be removed for night driving. This Model Y prototype shows no such thing. It seems the headlights are completely covered, except for a little bit of the daytime running lights.

That might mean this particular prototype can only be allowed to drive during the day. But why go through the trouble of a specific camouflage?

It all seems a bit fishy, but at the same time, the new Model Y is expected early next year and it is reasonable to expect some prototypes by now.

If this is real, we will probably see many more photos of the revised Model Y testing around in the next few months. Sales of the Model Y are apparently not in great shape these days. And it went from number being the number one selling car in Europe last year to number 18 in the past few months. I am not sure the revisions will do much to really turn things around.

While over 232,000 units of the Model 3 were sold last year, the revised version sold only 72,000 units so far this year. It seems the revisions aren’t increasing sales… As I mentioned before, after over 6 years, you need more than a revised car, you need something new even if you’re Tesla.

And maybe, especially if you’re Tesla. Since then there has been so much new completion from everyone everywhere…

Photo by Jackljack. (Reddit)

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  1. I wonder how potential customers are saying no to the New 3 due to No more Turn Stalks?

  2. Tesla took the “we don’t want to be like the legacy auto companies” a bit too far. They purposely did not begin development of a next generation Model Y and Model 3. That is biting them in the butt now. Their lineup is beginning to stale while the competition (Hyundai/Kia, Ford and Polestar) are starting to be viewed as the innovators.

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