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I am not sure why GM is testing completely camouflaged prototypes of the upcoming Cadillac Vistiq when we saw the whole exterior in official photos months ago. However, it could be due to the famously very strong “camouflage alliance” union, probably preventing any layoffs of the camouflage team workers until the car actually goes on sale. Who knows…

The bottom pic shows all the Cadillac SUV/Crossover models offered in China. (They also have a 2nd generation Cadillac CT6 sedan not shown here). We can see the Cadillac GT4, a model not offered in the US. It will soon be joined by a new XT5.

The Vistiq will go on sale in a few months and we will see much more of it, including its interior. Cadillac has already done a really nice job with the smaller and cheaper Optiq EV, and I expect the Vistiq interior to be quite impressive.

However, its exterior is very derivative. it looks a lot like a smaller version of the Cadillac Escalade IQ, which I guess is the point. Since the Escalade has been Cadillac’s best-selling model for the past few years, the marketing team is probably pushing hard for anything that could remind people of the big SUV.

Which is sad, in my opinion. The new Vistiq is far from ugly, and it looks much nicer than the totally generic poor Cadillac XT6. I’m also not sure the smaller Escalade obsession will last that long. Yes, with 41,700 units sold last year, it was still Cadillac’s best seller. But the Lyriq sales have grown enormously and it’s actually not that far behind. It went from 9,155 units last year to already over 13,000 in 2024 so far.

Cadillac Vistiq illustration.

I truly think Cadillac could have pushed the envelope a bit more with the new Vistiq EV. If you’re not going to do a bit of “retro”, just go modern all the way. Not just a smaller version of an existing design.

But really, who am I…

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  1. Who are you? Do I detect anti-union sentiments? I can stop reading your blog if so!

    The rest of us are proud to have 40-hour workweeks, weekends, paid overtime, safety regulations, etc.

    Thank you, unions!

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