Spy Shots

  • 2026 VW Atlas.

    They say the impossible cannot be done. And yet, VW seems to have cracked that magic code and realized what we thought was impossible. They might have just found a way to make the next-generation Atlas SUV even more boring than the current generation. Of course, the top photo shows a VW Atlas prototype with… Continue reading 2026 VW Atlas.

  • VW I.D1

    VW just released a very early teaser for their upcoming 22,000 Euros EV. The silhouette shown looks a lot like a smaller version of the ID.2All/GTI EV concepts we saw a few months ago. These are supposed to start at a bit over 25,000 Euros. The new smaller model was supposed to be related to… Continue reading VW I.D1

  • 2026 Toyota Celica.

    Toyota chairman Akio Toyota mentioned a few months ago he would like to see a return of the Toyota Celica. While it was produced, from 1970 to 2006, the Toyota Celica was always a solid. You could always count on a new generation coming and it was “almost” always a good-looking car. An affordable stylish… Continue reading 2026 Toyota Celica.

  • Alpine Sedan.

    As previously mentioned, the French sports car brand Alpine is coming to the US. It is scheduled for 2027, with a whole lineup of all-new EVs. The first new EV model coming out will be the small Alpine A290, which is a sporty version of the new Renault 5. And that model is not coming… Continue reading Alpine Sedan.

  • 2025 VW Jetta.

    From these photos, it looks like the VW Jetta is getting another refresh for the new year. The current 7 generation came out in 2018, and it received a ghastly “facelift” for 2022. Which included an unholy amount of crappy-looking black plastic. The revised front end pictured above seems to be a step in the… Continue reading 2025 VW Jetta.

  • Tesla CyberCab.

    The first two photos above show the early development of the upcoming RoboTaxi from Tesla. The bottom image is a more recent illustration, showing what it might look like. After rumors of Tesla canceling their future compact model, crazy Elon Musk announced we would see their next all-new model very soon. On August 8th. And… Continue reading Tesla CyberCab.