• 2007 Toyota Camry

    I am just quickly reposting this for people who are looking for a mid sized car, and are not in such a hurry.(It comes out in about 4 to 5 months, but will be shown in January) .There are very good cars out there, but this should be worth the wait. At least to make… Continue reading 2007 Toyota Camry

  • 2007 Toyota Corolla

    Here are a couple more pictures of the European Corolla. Testing outside, so it is covered with that black tape, just like the Camry…It would be too much to hope for the hatchback in the US. But let’s hope the rest of the design is similar.The fenders seem to strech way out for a much… Continue reading 2007 Toyota Corolla

  • 2007 Scion xB details

    These are pictures from the production model.It is very much like the xB concept they are showing right now at the Tokyo auto show. Except for all the metal parts.From what I’ve seen of the exterior, the body is mostly similar to the concept. But without the uge fenders and weird front end. One more… Continue reading 2007 Scion xB details

  • Corolla T Sport

    No, this is not the new, redeigned Corolla. This is an all new Compressor version of the existing model, with a 225 HP engine.As you can see, the interior is still the same, with a a slightly sportier interior.And as you can see also, this is the European model. Not for US consumption.. Kind of… Continue reading Corolla T Sport

  • Toyota Previa/Estima

    Just a couple of shots from the concept’s interior.You can tell that metal piece accross the board could very well become wood in the production version.Too bad this is limited to Europe and japan. Imagine this here, with the hybrid version!

  • Lexus LS guesses

    They go from the “way off” to pretty close. It’s kind of interesting to see these again , isn’t it…

  • Mazda Tribute Hybrid

    That’s right. Now every version of the Escape will be available with the old Toyota Hybrid system paired with the 2.3Liter Mazda engine. Ford was complaining they couldn’t get enough of these engines to meet the demand. I guess it must have been fixed.If they offer the same “hard to get” drivetrain in 3 models.… Continue reading Mazda Tribute Hybrid

  • Cadillac CTS

    This illustration looks like a revised version of the current car. The body seems the same. Only the front end looks different.I think the CTS is a very modern looking car as it is, and they could just redesign the front/rear and put an all new interior in it. That could work.They dont’ really need… Continue reading Cadillac CTS

  • Pontiac G4

    Not to worry.. This is another of these “American cars not sold in the US” type of thing.This one is from Mexico And, as you can see, it is just a Cobalt with new lights and grille. Like the Pursuit in Canada.But I think it does look pretty good. Funny that GM doesn’t mind rebadging… Continue reading Pontiac G4

  • More 2007 LS

    Is it growing on you yet?Keep in mind it is competing with cars that aren’t really futuristic either. The heavy handed 7 series. The warmed up XJ8. Only the new S class might be interesting, but also more expensive than the Lexus…And I would bet the LS interior is fantastic. Much better than any of… Continue reading More 2007 LS

  • Camera phones are great!

    They can even catch the new 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe!On sale early next year. I just got one, so watch out… And thanks for visiting the sponsors.

  • All new Lexus LS

    Still called a concept. But this is it. The redesigned LS.And the best looking one so far. Actually, a really good looking car on its own. For the first time it doesn’t look like a Mercedes copy.I now just looks like a cross between the new IS, the next Camry and a bunch of other… Continue reading All new Lexus LS