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Ford is getting ready to launch a second EV for the European market.

After the Explorer EV last year (2nd pic) we will soon see a “coupe” version of that model based on the same platform, and probably the same great interior. (illustration above)

The Explorer EV is the result of a partnership with VW and is based on the VW ID.4, using the same battery and powertrain. The new “Coupe” will be based on VW’s ID.5, not sold in the US, which is a “coupe” version of the ID.4.

Ford is also working on a fully electric version of the European Ford Puma compact SUV.

So far there are no words about the Explorer EV making its way to North America which is too bad. As it looks much nicer than the VW ID.4 it’s based on, especially inside. They’ve also done an excellent job making sure the Ford version looked totally different from the VW, which is great.

The Mustang Mach-e is currently Ford’s only EV offering in the US that isn’t a truck, and it starts at $43000, while the VW ID.4 starts at $ 39,000. Not a huge difference, but a Ford version of the ID.4 could be a bit cheaper than the VW version, and at under $ 36,000, it could be just what they need in North America.

Besides a rumored larger 3-row EV coming in the future, there has been zero news about future non-truck Ford EVs. Things have been slowing down a little bit for the Mustang Mach-e earlier this year and Ford (and others) all of a sudden getting scared. But August sales were up 61% over last year, making the Mustang Mach-e the second best-selling EV SUV behind the Tesla Model Y. EV sales in general have increased 50% over the past year.

The adoption of Tesla’s NACS charging system by almost everyone (of course, VW is late on this) will be a great help by suddenly adding over 17000 reliable superchargers to the network. And many cheaper models from almost everyone are coming out as well. Currently, even the Tesla Model 3 is pretty much the same price as a Honda Civic after incentives.

Once the EV wave really takes off, manufacturers like Ford could be in more trouble. Unless they are working on stuff they are choosing to release just yet…

Who knows…

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  1. I’m really surprised that Ford hasn’t just decided to make a hybrid-SUV version of the Maverick, even if they changed the overall design a bit. Cuz it seems like they now only have two vehicles pulling the weight: F150 and Maverick. At least the interior on this is nice, minus the big tacky tablet center console. I guess this really isn’t for us in the US anyways – Europe is pushing BEVs hard.

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