Hyundai Ioniq 2.

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Hyundai Ioniq 2 illustration.

We all know Hyundai is working on many new EV models. After the large 3-row Ioniq 7 SUV, we could see a much smaller model called the Ioniq 2.

While Kia already has the EV6, EV9, and even the EV5 on sale (in China), they’ve also shown concept versions of the upcoming smaller EV3 Crossover and EV4 sedan. Hyundai has not shown us much about its future electric models.

The European market will be the main focus of the new Ioniq 2, whereby in 2026, VW will have a new 25,000 Euros model as well as a cheaper 20,000 Euros EV. One of them is the production version of the ID.2all Concept. Fiat is hard at work on a new Panda EV, and other Stellantis brands already have a few affordable models, especially the all-new Citroen C3 EV. And I am not even mentioning a slew of future small EVS from China coming to Europe soon. It seems everyone wants to offer a 20,000 Euro model in Europe, and will very soon.

The small Ioniq 2 will be based on a new IMA platform that is more modern and cheaper to manufacture than the current e-GMP platform. This is similar to what Toyota is doing with a new EV platform already coming soon. (I’m not sure what GM will be doing with their troublesome Ultium platform).

As for the US, we also really need a $ 25,000 EV. While we probably won’t see the ID. 2 all over here, an Ioniq 2 could find a market in North America. We do have small crossovers like the Nissan Kicks here already. GM is indeed coming out with a next-generation Chevrolet Bolt that will be affordable. But who knows with all these Ultium platform problems… Strangely enough, zero news from future Ford EVs.

The photos included here are just illustrations, but I think Hyundai will come up with something pretty stylish and modern as they have done multiple times lately.

Let’s hope we get to see it in person…

Hyundai Ioniq 2 illustration

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