2025 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ.

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I believe these illustrations are the most realistic so far of Toyota’s upcoming compact off-road SUV for 2025. Probably called the Land Cruiser FG, and it could be coming out as early as late 2024 as a 2025 model.

The most obvious clue is the giant photo Toyota displayed last year at the 2024 Land Cruiser launch (3rd from top). It was an attempt to show the upcoming “Land Cruiser family”, which will include the Land Cruiser SE EV and the new smaller model. The illustrations above look almost exactly like the silhouette seen in the presentation.

That would mean the super cute Compact Cruiser EV concept we saw in 2022 will indeed be an EV. When or If it ever comes out.

From what we can see in these illustrations, it looks like the new Toyota Land Cruiser FG could be quite a headache for the Ford Bronco Sport. The new Toyota will also be affordable with a rumored base price of under $24 000 in Japan. It is also rumored to be about the size of a Toyota Corolla Cross. Toyota has also trademarked the name “Land Cruier Fun”, as well as “Land Cruier FG”. That means both names could be used for different markets.

My guess is the new compact SUV will be a hybrid-only model. And hopefully with a PHEV option available. I would think the US pricing would be above the Corolla Cross, which starts at around $ 24,000. Even at $26,000 or $27,000, this would be great. And fit very nicely between the Corolla Cross and the RAV-4.

A really cool-looking affordable compact off-road SUV from Toyota sounds like great news and the making of a potentially huge hit. And again, quite a headache for the Ford Bronco Sport which already starts at over $ 31,000…

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