Toyota Corolla Cross.

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Next-generation Toyota Corolla Cross illustration.

While the current Toyota Corolla Cross came out in the US for the 2022 model year, it has been around since 2020. It is based on the current generation Toyota Corolla, introduced in 2018.

A new Corolla is rumored to come out next year and a redesigned Toyota Corolla Cross won’t be that far behind. And maybe, just maybe, Toyota will find it in its heart to give it a bit more style. Something like their more recent European offerings like the second generation C-HR. (which by the way looks fantastic in person). Or even the Yaris Cross or the Aygo X.

All of these are much more stylish than anything Toyota offers over here except the new Prius. Compared to them, the current Corolla Cross looks like a 15-year-old design. Even in the US, it looked old the day it came out.

Toyota sold around 64,000 of them in the US last year. That doesn’t sound too bad until you compare it to the Honda H-RV, with over 122,000 sold in 2023. And the Honda only offers a 2.0 Liter engine and no Hybrid option (yet). A revised front end similar to the revised Corolla Cross recently introduced in Thailand might make it over here in 2025. But that probably won’t be enough to fence off the H-RV. Especially if Honda decides to offer a Hybrid option next year.

The Toyota Corolla Cross is probably a fine car. It just needs to be a bit more desirable. Nothing a more modern and attractive design can’t fix.

The illustration above shows what a more modern-looking Corolla Cross could look like. But really, anything would be an improvement over the current model…

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  1. Toyota has come far in terms of design yet dropped the ball big time with the Corolla Cross. It almost like they went back to the crap they designed for most of the 00s.

  2. What is confounding is that the station wagon version for the current Corolla series is actually a sweet design when compared to the lame Corolla Cross that we get. The Corolla Touring Sports even comes with the choice of two hybrid engines, both of which are fuel sippers.

    Unfortunately, the Touring Sports is made in the UK and only sold in Europe.

    Come on Toyota, give the Cross another try!

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