Chrysler Imperial Sedan.

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I posted an illustration a while ago showing what a new Chrysler Imperial coupe could look like. Now we have a look at a possible look, although very unlikely, at a future Imperial Sedan.

Chrysler is at work on a production version of the gorgeous Halcyon concept we saw a few months ago. But it seems there would be room above it for a true top-of-the-line new Chrysler sedan. One that could be inspired by the previous 2 generations of the Chrysler 300, now based on the STLA platform.

In a world of bigger and bigger SUVs, a large luxury sedan wouldn’t be out of place at all. The new 2025 Dodge Charger EV is over 206 inches long. Which is about the same as a Mercedes S-Class. Just adding a few inches would produce one impressive-looking sedan. One that could still be much more affordable than its competition from Germany. A large luxury STLA-based EV sedan competing with the Lucid Air, Mercedes EQS, and BMW i7. For less…

I’ve posted a few illustrations showing future large Cadillac and Lincoln sedans, but a Chrysler would have to be less expensive, just like Chryslers are supposed to be. The brand does have quite a glorious past and I think it’s time to use some of it for inspiration for a few future models.

Meanwhile, I am really looking forward to the production version of the Chrysler Halcyon concept…

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  1. Did Stellantis centralize all development and design? It seems like they’re 100% consumed with Euro-EVs with their new Chinese partner, and are putting out generic (or nothing else) revisions for all the American brand vehicles. It just feels like bad ju-ju.

  2. Chrysler should build the Imperial again and a couple of other luxury cars. We will be waiting.

  3. Stellantis should build the Chrysler Imperial because it would really sale and I would be one of the first to get one.Everyone will be waiting for it.

  4. Hasn’t the market already said, for decades now, that Chryslers in any form simply are not what people will tolerate? Ok, even if the styling might be appealing to some, the reliability and longevity of Chrysler’s vehicles has long been abysmal. Now partnered with Stellantis’ group of auto manufacturers that literally define ‘poorly built automobiles’, I think Chrysler is doomed to become America’s Vauxhall or Citroën (if it hasn’t already). I think it was pretty obvious that Stellantis bought the North American brands/operations for Jeep and RAM – and only Jeep and RAM – no matter what their media gurus spin about the oh! so lonely Chrysler and Dodge brands. I have not seen a Chrysler/Dodge roadmap lately – what is it showing?

  5. Would love to see this come to fruition. The return of the Imperial! This would be Chrysler’s return to the luxury market

  6. The Chrysler Imperial would be an awesome outstanding magnificent Sedan to bring back 😀. In todays market place World I believe it would sell very much well

  7. I have always been aBuick guy. The way that Imperial is designed. I’m all in

  8. What about the Chrysler Cordoba. The Cordoba said class and it was up there with the imperial. Bring the Chrysler Cordoba back…


  10. I once owned an 1972 Imperial LeBaron, from 1976 to 1983. It was a top branded luxury car, that was the equal in luxury and power against Cadillac and Lincoln. It would be great for the Chrysler brand or make a new brand called the Imperial. A top luxury brand of its own. An Imperial Sedan, coupe, Convertible, and an Imperial luxury full scale SUV.

  11. A top brand Imperial would be great for Chrysler. It could come in a Sedan, coupe Convertible and build an SUV too.

  12. I hope they built it. Just look at the success the 300 had until they ruined it by dropping the high performance and luxury models like the SRT 6.I. HEM. I believe that Stellantis will succeed in destroying Chrysler. Ther sales so far his year are down 21% while Ford and GM are up 1 %. Chrysler, good luck to you.

  13. I think the Halcyon Concept looked like a generic reject from a low budget science fiction flick. If it represents the future of vehicle design, then the future looks extremely grim indeed!

    Meanwhile, I find the vehicle in this illustration to be very attractive and full of character. If Chrysler could produce something like this beauty, then I would definitely be in line to buy it!

  14. That new Imperial Sedan is drop dead gorgeous. My only concern- what will the build quality be? Stelantis has been poor.

  15. My wife and I purchased a 2013 Chrysler C with 30,000 miles on it in 2017. We saw it on the internet for sale in Florida and had to have it. It is 2024 now and we only have 40,000 miles on it and we still love how it looks and drives, the Vogue tires really set it off. The new Imperial looks amazing and if it is built I am sure a lot will be sold and we would like to have one.

  16. Think Chrysler could become a premium brand.
    Dodge should just badge engineer Vauxhall Opel cars, especially with their visor grille, which would look much better on Dodge than using the Alfa styling as for Hornet.

  17. It’s gorgeous! My last two cars have been Chrysler 300s commuting 125 miles a day during the week. Never had a problem with either of them. I was just about to order a new one ( my current is a 2015 only has 70,000 miles on it but with Chrysler dis continuing the 300, I won’t gamble that there will be parts available for my 2015 my less a 2025 or 2025! If there’s a chance your version will be ready next year, I’ll hold off. I only want a sedan. Personally I think DUVs are a hazard.

  18. They had that concept car years ago,there just showing a photo of the car that Mercedes Benz designed, wish I still had the photo’s from the auto show. It was as one of the most popular vehicles of the show that year.

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