• Hollywood

    Well… Burbank to be exact. A few people are cool enough to be driving cars like these every day. There is hope.

  • 2007 BMW 3 series Coupe

    Even more and better picture of the new Coupe. I didn’t notice the side turn signal marker just in front of the wheel. A nice touch. Even if it is similar to the Nissan Z. I also noticed the lack of glass roof. Offered in various other BMW models. I guess if you want more… Continue reading 2007 BMW 3 series Coupe

  • 2007 Nissan Altima

    I had read about a navigation system in the new Altima but could get any pictures of it.Well, here it is. The whole thing looks very nice. Some people have compared the interior to the Pontiac G6.But I hear from people who actually sat in the car that the quality is much, much better than… Continue reading 2007 Nissan Altima

  • Buick Lucerne Test Drive

    Buick is in a pretty bad situation right now.And it is mostly because the’ve been selling a lot of crappy cars for a long time. And people just got tired of getting screwed… The Lucerne is for now, their top of the line model. Trying to get past Park Avenue owners back, and also get… Continue reading Buick Lucerne Test Drive

  • 2007 Suzuki XL-7

    Without the fake wood, that interior looks pretty plain…And look at the back seat! Who can fit back there? Why bother? Why even bother with the whole thing at all. Most people don’t even know about Suzuki. Is a stretched Vue/Equinox the answer to put the brand on the map???

  • How? (Part 2)

    That would suck….But again, who would drive an RX on a frozen lake?

  • 2007 Ford Escape

    Los of chrome on the new Escape.But it might actually look better in person. I always kind of liked the Escape. Except for some cheap looking, and feeling, interior parts. If they address these problems it could be pretty nice. I know it’s not really “all new”, it seems that none of the Ford SUVs… Continue reading 2007 Ford Escape

  • 2007 Santa Fe

    Huyndai just sarted production of the all ew 2007 Santa Fe in its US factory.Here are pictures of the 1st “saleable model” as they call it. I am really curious about this one…

  • How?

    How did that happened? A small Peugeot against 2 busses is actually not a fair fight in the 1st place.

  • New BMW 3 series Coupe

    Finally, official pictures….. A nice looking car, just like the previous one. But not really better looking that the old one. (I hope this is not taken as “trashing the mighty BMW name”) Wondering what the interior looks like?Go to your local BMW dealer and check out the 3 series sedan, and imagine longer front… Continue reading New BMW 3 series Coupe

  • Mercury Meta One?

    One more picture of the “mystery Mercury”.You can see the headlight more clearly on this one. Just a straight old rebadge of a Ford with a new front end. Pretty much what they’ve been doing for decades…

  • 2007 Ford 500

    Unless they decide to call it a 2008. Who knows… Sorry this picture doesn’t show much. But it’s better than nothing, right?And I couldn’t see any difference inside, although I didn’t get a good look…