• Bankrupt!

    Chrysler will announce they are filling for bankruptcy this morning.This is due to broken down talks with it lenders. (I don’t really get why people would rather get a company bankrupt than getting at least some of their money…) This doesn’t mean the end for Chrysler, they will use the bankruptcy to reorganize and actually… Continue reading Bankrupt!

  • Stillborn: Smart ForMore

    The ForMore was going to be to be an SUV based on the 4 door ForFour.Until they canceled the whole project back in 2005. The car on which it was to be based wasn’t selling (The Forfour) and was itself canceled.The ForMore was actually going to be the first Smart sold in the US. Instead… Continue reading Stillborn: Smart ForMore

  • 2011 Infiniti M35?

    It does look like it could be.The next M will be the 1st Infiniti available with the new 3.0Liter V6 diesel. In Europe first.But not in the US.Strangely, an even smaller 2.5 Liter V6 will also be available in some markets. While the US is getting a new Hybrid version. Which could possibly use the… Continue reading 2011 Infiniti M35?

  • BMW X1

    The one series based SUV was caught filming.And it looks exactly like the “concept” version of it they showed us a while ago. Not sure how much this will be but it won’t be cheap. Remember when many of us were expecting the 1 series coupe to start at a bit over $25 000 in… Continue reading BMW X1

  • Prius Wagon?

    it could be. There was a rumor last year about more versions of the new Prius. So why not a wagon.If it seems weird to have a wagon version of a car that is already a hatchback, don’t forget that, in Europe, the Golf is also offered as a wagon. As well as the Megane,… Continue reading Prius Wagon?

  • Would you buy a Fiat 500?

    Now that there is a really good chance we might actually get the new Fiat 500 in the US, would anyone here actually buy one? I saw these cars in Europe when I went there last year, and they look great. A quite a bit larger than they seem from the pictures.And the convertible version… Continue reading Would you buy a Fiat 500?

  • R.I.P Pontiac…

    G8 and Solstice are officially dead. I just hope the Sky leaves on as a Chevy.

  • Get them while you can!

    There are more and more rumors everywhere about Pontiac’s death coming up this monday. A sad thing. Sure, they put out plenty of crappy cars in the past few decades and ruined the brand.But they do have good cars now. I was lucky enough to drive the Solstice Turbo for a whole week last year,… Continue reading Get them while you can!

  • Next Hyundai Sonata interior

    This already looks great. And keep in mind this is just a prototype. Th production model will use better matching plastics etc… Seems like the new Sonata will be an amazing entry in the midsize sedan market.Although I really like the Mazda6 that I drove recently. And I still really like the Malibu. Looks like… Continue reading Next Hyundai Sonata interior