• Infiniti JX

    Infiniti is basically getting ready to compete with the Audi Q7.This all new Crossover will be able to seat 7.Not sure yet what it is based on ( A good bet is the G sedan, like most of their cars).But it might come with engines ranging from 2.0 Liters to 3.0 Liters.(From names they have… Continue reading Infiniti JX

  • Subaru XV Concept

    take away the few Concept bits, and what you’ve got here is the Outback version of the next Impreza Hatchback. Which is a bit sad, really. The sedan they showed us a few days ago is very boring. And this, while being a bit better, doesn’t seem to be able to blend the general blockiness… Continue reading Subaru XV Concept

  • 2012 Nissan Versa/Tiida

    With its new design, we can finally welcome the Versa to the 21st Century.Some markets will get the 188 engine from the Juke.Not sure yet what the US Versa will be getting under the hood. But it should be similar to the familiar 108hp it is getting now. This makes the Sentra look even older.

  • 2012 Honda Civic arrives at dealers

    I really can’t see the improvement over the previous model.No matter how many pictures I see of the new one. A blocky, cheaper looking version of the 2011 model is all I can see. Maybe it just looks amazing in person. Who knows….

  • Volvo Concept Universe

    It does look quite disturbing at first. Especially from the front. Which could be a good thing. At least it looks different. The rest of the car seems to be flowing much better. Some people at Volvo would like to see a large sedan competing with the S Class and 7 series. Mainly the Chinese… Continue reading Volvo Concept Universe

  • 2013 Chevrolet Malibu

    After all this time, we finally get to see the whole thing.Looking pretty nice, but I still like the design of the current car better. Like I said before. The interior does seem much more upscale and modern. Although I am never a fan of wood trim, and these pictures show too much of it.Maybe… Continue reading 2013 Chevrolet Malibu

  • 2012 Kia Rio Sedan

    Shown here just a bit ahead of its official reveal from the Shanghai auto show.And again, it doesn’t look related to the 5 door hatch that came out in Europe a few weeks ago. Not sure why. Or maybe this is an exclusive model to the Chinese market.Who knows…

  • Buick Envision Concept

    This is obviously a pure concept we’ll never see on the road.But the general shape is supposed to preview an upcoming smaller Buick Crossover.Which could turn out looking pretty nice. Depending on how much they tone down the design.

  • 2012 Citroen DS5

    Quite a pretty dramatic deign.Maybe overdone for some. But after all, this is a Citroen, so it should be a bit crazy. Just like Subaru should….

  • 2012 Nissan Versa

    Caught during a photo shoot in China. Looks like it’s all grown up, and quite nice looking.At least this version. For that particular market. The car looks really good on the bottom picture.The rest of that picture, is very disturbing…

  • They’re out in the sun!

    Just saw 3 brand new Camaro convertibles in one day yesterday. I guess that what temperatures well into the 90s will do.