2026 Chevrolet Volt?

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Future Chevrolet Volt Sedan illustration.

No, GM is not officially working on a next-generation Chevrolet Volt. At least that I’m aware of…

However, recent news about bringing new PHEVs to the US brought back hopes of a new generation Chevrolet Volt. This will probably not happen since it would have taken years for GM to develop a new one, and the PHEV decision seems new. Although GM has been selling the Buick Velite 6 PHEV in China since 2020. The Buick PHEV is larger than the Volt and its EV range is rated at only 37 miles. While our Chevrolet Volt could easily get over 55 miles.

The illustration above shows what a next-generation Chevrolet Volt PHEV could look like.

Future Chevrolet Volt SUV illustration.
Future Chevrolet Volt illustration.

Since the Chevrolet Volt left, SUVs have become even more popular. If a new generation Volt was actually being considered by GM, it would probably look more like an SUV than a sedan. These illustrations show what a compact PHEV SUV with Chevrolet Volt styling cues could look like.

A Volt SUV could easily slot under the $ 35,000 Chevrolet Equinox EV, both in price and size. Although GM has already announced a new Chevrolet Bolt EV is coming soon, probably based on the Ultium platform. Which would compete in size and price against a possible Volt SUV. Larger incentives would also be available on the next Bolt EV, making it really hard for a compact PHEV like a new Volt to compete against a new $ 30,000 (or even less) Bolt EV.

GM killed the Volt at the wrong time. As it was getting better and better. By now, a 3rd generation would be a better car with an even longer EV range, ahead of everyone else. The new Prius Prime only gets a 44-mile EV range, which is still less than the Volt was getting in 2016!

At least, GM fixed the “Bolt canceling mistake” by announcing a next-generation. I’m afraid it might not be the case with the Volt.

And by the way, (another subject, I know…) where are the new Buick EVs? They’ve been on sale in China for a while now, but nothing here???

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  1. It was absolutely brainless not to create a Voltec CUV. They would have been able to further improve the tech for a 3rd generation.

  2. GM should really begin adding either hybrid or PHEV capabilities to an updated Malibu and perhaps the Chevy Trax/Buick Invista using their existing technology. All are FWD, making their existing systems more simple to apply, and theyre more likely to have the best range and overall fuel economy. Then, develop systems with enough power and range for the compact SUV class, AWD, or the more premium brands. The speed at which GM can pivot their product targets is better than Ford, which I just dont see surviving into the future. Maybe Ford’s trucks, but nothing else. I’m certain GM is having these strategy discussions already.

  3. I own 2 Volts, a 2018 and a 2019. We even had a 2017 but traded it in on one of the newer Volts. These Gen 2 Volts were the best GM made. We will keep them for a very long time! We’ve saved $1,000’s in gas. And they awesome when it comes to style and function. Too bad they’re gone.

  4. I owned a 2017 Chevy Volt premier. It was a fantastic car and my only complaint was/is that I needed an additional 10 mile electric range to make it home. The Premier at $36K with lane keeper, front rear collision warning and breaking, cross traffic warning and park assist, heated
    seats front and back which are some features that you have to pay extra for with a $50K+ car!!!
    I sure hope that Chevrolet come out with a new Volt.

  5. I I bought a used 2016 volt and 2019 and have saved thousands of dollars in gas and it it’s the best general motor car I’ve had since my since my Saturn’s please bring back the volt looks much better than that bolt thank you Casey Drexhage

  6. I bought a used 2016 volt in 2019 and have saved thousands of dollars in gas and it’s the best general motor car I’ve had since my since my Saturn’s please bring back the volt looks much better than that bolt thank you Casey Drexhage

  7. We bought a 2013 Volt and loved it. When we heard that GM was discontinuing making the Volt after 2019 we bought the 2019 model. We still have the 2013 and 2019. Love them both. Please bring back the Volt!

  8. My wife an I own two volts! I have always owned GM cars and when we heard that the Volt would be discontinued we were crest fallen! I told my wife not to panic, the car would come back and it has. It has set standards for low up keep, and it looks good! It appears that cooler heads have prevailed. l called my dealer yesterday to order two new volts! However, they had no information on the new VOLT. THANK God, we ARE READY to motor!

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