2026 Mazda Miata.

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After seeing these weirdo patent designs for the 2026 Acura TLX, we are again dealing with more grey images of what could be a future production car, or not.

These are claimed to be the next-generation Mazda Miata, although they seem too close to last year’s Mazda Iconic SP concept. The Miata has also always been a convertible, and I’m not sure Mazda would make such a drastic change for the next generation. Unless they are now thinking of offering 2 body styles, a coupe and a convertible. In another dimension where the new coupe would replace the hard top convertible version they’ve had for the last 2 generations. Sure, why not?

Except for the mirrors, there seem to be no differences between the concept we saw last year and these patent illustrations. However, we’ve seen production versions of new cars being very, very close to their previous concepts lately. Like the Dodge Charger EV and a few others. So why not…

This could also be a new coupe model, separate from the Miata. And no, there is no word on a new RX-7 coming up. But again, Mazda has been sinking money into strange projects lately, like 4 different models of the same car for various markets ( CX-60, CX-70, CX-80, and CX-90). So why not spend money on a brand new 2-seater sports car only a few will be interested in actually purchasing?

While I would love to see more great-looking 2 door cars like a production version of the Iconic SP concept, I think these might just be patent drawings of the concept….

What do you think?

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  1. Damn! If that’s the next Miata, I’ll have to figure out what to do with my CX-30. I only have a one- car garage and my COA is bitchy about parking outside. Would a roof rack with my spouses wheelchair screw up the lines of that Miata?

  2. This coming so soon after the TLX patent images makes me think that someone has been using AI to generate fake pics… then is plastering them on the internet as if they’re sourced from US Patent Office. Bcuz I just dont believe the TLX now either. Hmm…

  3. Looks really close to the concept. Maybe Mazda is prepared to upsize and make the Miata more premium in the next generation. Kind of also looks like the cartoonish smiley grille might be making a comeback too.

  4. The NE MX-5 may share some of these styling characteristics, but this new model isn’t going to be an MX-5. Mazda wants a distinct platform to serve as the basis for more upmarket technology on a halo model, just as Honda used to debut innovative tech in the Prelude before introducing it into the Accord or Civic.

    This will be a more expensive grand tourer in the $50-$60K range, more of a genteel luxury alternative to the Toyota Supra, sort of like the old Lexus SC300 from the 1990s. I’d wager they would either revive the MX-6 name, or go straight to MX-7.

    Doubtful that Honda’s upcoming Prelude revival will be the same kind of competitor, but it would be really interesting if Honda also got into into this halo niche with a unique grand tourer of their own to compete with Toyota and Mazda.

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