2026 Toyota RAV-4.

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2026 Toyota RAV-4 illustration.

The Toyota RAV-4 will be a new model for the 2026 model year, with a possible unveiling late this year. Probably at the Los Angeles Auto Show since this is what happened for the past two years with the new Prius and 2025 Camry.

The current generation was quite a departure from the previous model. It was basically the production version of the FT-AC Concept, which was a much more off-road-oriented design than the RAV-4 had been so far. Even if the production version that became the RAV-4 is still not a true off-road vehicle.

With new offerings like the 2024 Land Cruiser and the new 2025 4Runner, the next-generation RAV-4 could maybe become a bit more like the “City SUV” it was before.

There is also a future compact SUV coming from Toyota. Which will also have a more “trucky/off-road” design. And could be called the Compact Cruiser. A new, softer RAV-4 would fit well right after the new Toyota Crown Signa, itself looking a lot like a station wagon.

However, all this speculation depends on the 2026 RAV-4 being an all-new design. Which it might not be. Toyota might have chosen to spend less cash on the RAV-4 just like they did with the 2025 Camry, which is just a refresh of the 2017 model.

We haven’t seen any spy shots and it looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer to have an idea of what the Toyota RAV-4 will look like for 2026…

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  1. I believe Toyota will use and modify the existing platform of the RAV4, rather than design an all new one, for a couple of reasons:
    1. Toyota is still not at the point where new battery tech is available on a large scale and they likely won’t intro new semi solid batteries on one of their most important product nameplates, like the RAV4… just in case there are issues.
    2. Without the need to reconfigure the structure for new battery tech, massaging the existing platform makes more sense. They can achieve a better ride, NVH, or interior material quality via tweaks to the current systems – those are the notorious RAV gripes. Its what they did for the “new” Camry.
    3. Toyota just intro’d two all-new redesigned large trucks (Tacoma and Tundra) and both are experiencing technical problems (engine failures, rusting, other quality issues) as well as sales problems due to their newly much higher prices. They won’t make that mistake with the RAV. The new nameplate models will take the risk of Toyota’s ‘throw it at the wall to see if it sticks at a higher price’ approach.
    While Toyota is flourishing at the moment, the approach of nickel and dime the well known models while overspending on the high priced ones and driving up their MSRPs I think will ultimately cause a crisis for the company within a couple years. Afterall, if you lose quality and raise prices, they’ll lose the Toyota hallmarks. And let’s be honest… The Crown twins are terrible offerings (one super-bland, the other bulbously awkward), that are destined to hold down the blacktop at the dealer.

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