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While the Honda Fit is still on sale around the world, Honda stopped selling it in 2022, at the end of the third generation’s lifespan. Exactly when they decided to concentrate on the new generation HR-V and its higher profit margin.

The 4th generation is on sale in many countries as the Honda Fit, Honda Jazz, or Honda Life. In the US, recently used Honda Fit models are still very popular and are actually pretty expensive. Owners also love them.

Just like killing the Chevrolet Bolt too early, I think it might have been a mistake to kill the Fit in the US. (Although Honda needed the factory space in Mexico for the new HR-V…). While we are going to see a next generation Chevrolet Bolt, there seems to be no plan for a new Fit in the US. However, I think it would make a great new affordable EV for Honda.

They’ve already mentioned their new EV models based on the 0 Series Saloon concept we saw a few months ago, coming in 2026. It will use Honda’s new “e-Architecture” EV platform. That new platform will start with a production version of the 0 Series Saloon concept. As well as a mid-sized SUV and an entry-level SUV, all in 2026. It looks like that new “mid-sized SUV” could end up competing with the current Ultium-based Honda Prologue.

A larger 3-row SUV is scheduled for 2027. A “compact SUV” a year later and a “small size SUV” in 2029. (I’m not sure what the difference will be between the “entry-level SUV” and the “small-size SUV” will be…)

Finally, a new “Compact sedan” based on that same EV platform is scheduled for 2030. I guess that leaves time for another generation ICE/Hybrid Civic before, or almost.

I really think it would be a mistake for Honda not to compete in the cheaper sub-$30 000 EV market and a new Fit EV would be the perfect car to do it. The new Kia EV3 is just around 8 inches longer than the last Honda Fit sold in the US. A slightly longer Fit EV could very well compete in the same segment. At least GM is indeed coming with a new Ultium-based Chevrolet Bolt. At around the same size as the previous Bolt EUV, it will also be competing against the new Kia EV3. And so will the next-generation Nissan Leaf. And you know Toyota is working on something…

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  1. Given the current state of inflation (people having less money) and the country’s new found love of hybrids, it sure makes sense for Honda to bring the Fit/Jazz hybrid back here, even if they have to import them from Japan. The old 2nd and 3rd gen Prius is still extremely popular here, but those cars are aging out with nothing really available from Toyota bodystyle-wise to replace it. They could easily (?) bring it here and phase it with a coming all BEV model. We all know Honda already had PHEVs of most of its popular models – they’re just elsewhere: The Accord in Asia is available as PHEV, the CRV in Europe as hybrid and PHEV…. I dont doubt that with more battery supply and falling prices, the Civic will be available elsewhere as a PHEV within a couple years. I would call that Good Timing for a resurrected Fit – even if they only sell 30k units/yr. Its a great around town/city car, and a decent highway car if they’d replace the torsion beam rear suspension, like they did with the Fit EV several years ago.

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