• Toyota Century SUV

    As we’ve discussed before, the new Toyota Century SUV doesn’t have much to do with the classic Toyota Century sedan. Unlike the RWD V8 sedan, this is based on the AWD Toyota Grand Hinglander with a V6 PHEV. Taking out the 3rd-row seat has created a massive amount of room for the rear passengers. In… Continue reading Toyota Century SUV

  • Audi Q6 e-tron

    For some reason, Audi is still shy about showing us the new Q6 e-tron totally uncovered, providing only photos of the new EV covered with a strange wrap. Not showing everything yet. Although they have no problem revealing the whole interior (???) Basically, the new Q6 looks like any other Audi SUV in the past… Continue reading Audi Q6 e-tron

  • New EV Minivan

    Chinese manufacturer Xpeng is working on what looks like a very modern-looking electric minivan. Minivans are still very popular in China and most manufacturers offer at least one. Even brands like VW and Buick are into the lucrative Minivan game in China. The top photo is a teaser from Xpeng and the second one is… Continue reading New EV Minivan

  • Future Dodge EVs

    We already know Dodge is working hard on a production version of the Charger Daytona SRT concept, which will probably be called “Charger EV”. The base version will produce over 450HP with a more powerful performance model producing 590HP. A top-of-the-line “Banshee” version will be even more powerful. While Dodge will probably be the first… Continue reading Future Dodge EVs

  • Kia EV5

    The production version of the Kia EV5 looks pretty much the same as the “concept” we just saw a few months ago. The “li’l EV9” will soon be ready to do battle against the Model Y around the world. (It’s only around 5 inches shorter than the Tesla) Currently, the cheapest Kia EV6 starts at… Continue reading Kia EV5