• 2025 Kia EV6.

    Just like the Hyundai Ioniq 5, the Kia EV6 will be getting a few changes for the new year. So far so good. It seems Kia has actually simplified the design, which is always good. In my not-so-humble and non-expert opinion, the current front end never really matched the rest of the design. It seems… Continue reading 2025 Kia EV6.

  • Genesis GV70.

    After the GV80 and G80, the Genesis GV70 will be next to receive a few changes for next year. And just like in the larger GV80, these changes are either pretty terrible or useless. I saw in person the revised 2025 Genesis GV80 SUV. Where the really nice dashboard design has now been replaced with… Continue reading Genesis GV70.

  • Toyota bZ3X.

    Toyota introduced another nice-looking new EV today, the new bZ3X. It looks like a cross between an SUV and a tall wagon. It seems like a much more modern version of the Toyota Corolla Cross. As an EV. The interior design is also very simple and clean. Which is very refreshing. The whole thing looks… Continue reading Toyota bZ3X.

  • Toyota bZ3C.

    We saw the new Toyota bZ3C as a concept car last year, And Toyota had also released a silhouette teaser about a year before. The final product turned out to be one of the best-looking Toyota designs I have seen in a long time. I would say this looks at least as good as the… Continue reading Toyota bZ3C.

  • 2025 Mini Aceman.

    The all-new Mini Aceman looks a lot like a smaller version of the new Mini Countryman. And almost exactly the same as the concept we saw almost 2 years ago. The new Aceman fits right in between the new Mini Cooper EV and the redesigned Countryman EV. And pretty much replaced the 4 door version… Continue reading 2025 Mini Aceman.

  • Kia Tasman pickup.

    The Tasman will be Kia‘s first global pickup truck, and its name is just one letter away from a 1995 Seinfeld joke. While the exterior seems to adopt the “classic trucky” look with a few offbeat design cues, the interior seen in these spy photos looks pretty modern. Trying very hard to mix futuristic and… Continue reading Kia Tasman pickup.

  • VW ID.Unyx

    Guess what? There’s another Chinese market-only VW model! It’s the ID family’s member’s newest offspring, the ID. Unyx! The new ID model will be built with one of VW’s Chinese partners and is the first of a few new models. I wonder if VW will also claim “in China, for China”, as they do for… Continue reading VW ID.Unyx

  • 2025 VW Tiguan.

    As usual, VW still thinks the North American market only likes larger SUVs. Therefore, the all-new 2024 redesigned Tiguan wasn’t for us. Instead, we are still getting the 7-seater longer version with 3 rows of seats. This new SUV will also replace the Tayron in China. The new Chinese Tayron and North American Tiguan will… Continue reading 2025 VW Tiguan.