• 2007 Sebring sedan prices

    The all new Sebring will start at $18 995 for the base model with a 2.4 Liter 173hp engine.The Limited, pictured here, will start at $23 995 with a standard V6. It seems to me pretty pricey for a Chrysler. Most people don’t really like the design. I saw the interior 1st hand and it… Continue reading 2007 Sebring sedan prices

  • Merceds AMG sports car

    Let’s hope not.At least, not like this weird illustration.Rumors are spreading fast about a 2 seater Mercedes sports car that could compete with the Porsche 911 and the Audi R8. I’ll believe it when I see it….

  • 2007 CRV

    Soft and non aggressive. I like it.Pick your color. This will be a big hit. No matter what anybody thinks about it.

  • Acura MDX

    More pictures of the new one.The grille has grown on me. (especially on a light color car) The rest of the body is pretty blah… More so than the RX, even if it looks sportier somehow… But I love the interior.A sure hit for Acura anyway…

  • Jaguar to Nasser???

    Former Ford boss Jacques (and partners) might end up buying Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford?! What is going on??? Isn’t he the guy who almost ran Ford to the ground in the first place? Ford is still recovering from Nasser’s decision to cut down on engineering and quality control a few years ago. I… Continue reading Jaguar to Nasser???

  • Suzuki SX4 price

    And it starts at $14 999 in the US. That includes all wheel drive and 6 airbags.You can get an 8 speaker stereo with mp3, iPod integration and more as options..No word on a sunroof or even a “lighter than black” interior. At this price it looks like a great deal.

  • Next Euro Corolla

    You’ve seen it here before, but these are new pictures.(not illustrations) I think it does look much better than the “trunk” version we might get over here. It looks very much like a big Yaris, which is a good thing. The French made Yaris is pretty popular in Europe already. Let’s just hope Toyota sees… Continue reading Next Euro Corolla

  • Euro Corolla Interior

    Same thing goes for the interior. While we’ll get a toned down “mini Camry” look inside, Europe gets a true 21st Century design.

  • 2007 Altima Hybrid

    Not much info yet.I hear it actually uses the Toyota system and can therefore run at low speed on electric only.Don’t know when it’ll be available yet. It should be cheaper than the Camry.