• 2012 Roewe 750

    Just another spy picture of the Chinese sedan replacing the current aging model that started life in Europe as a Rover.It seems like it could look pretty nice. Even though the grille has some “Honda Accord” feel to it…

  • 2012 Honda CRV

    Looks like an illustration.But it does match the spy photos that we saw a while ago.Interesting to see the front end on the top car. It looks like the new CRV will be just fine. It doesn’t need to be much better than the current one to be a huge hit.What it does need is… Continue reading 2012 Honda CRV

  • 2012 Mercedes B-Class

    We will see much better pictures soon. Very soon.But for now, that’s all I’ve got. We do get to see the new interior for the first time. And it seems to be a step up from the current generation. At least it looks more upscale. We should finally see the B-Class in the US sometime… Continue reading 2012 Mercedes B-Class

  • 2012 Fiat Panda

    The current Panda has been around in Europe since 2003.So it’s is time for a new one. Really..Since Fiat is not linked to Chrysler, we can only wonder if this will ever end up over here.Or when. I guess Dodge might be able to use a small car this size in order to meet new… Continue reading 2012 Fiat Panda

  • 2012 Infiniti JX

    Another small teaser of the upcoming 7 seater Infiniti Crossover.Nothing new since we’ve seen so many detailed spy shots of it already. I’m sure it will look quite nice and compete really well against the Buick Enclave over here.And mostly the Audi Q7 in Europe.

  • 2012 Scion iQ price

    Our US version of the Toyota iQ will start at $16 000.It comes standard with a 1.3 Liter engine and a CVT transmission. It all seems pretty expensive to me. The Smart, the iQ’s main competition, starts at about $3000 less.For the iQ price you can get a bunch of other cars. Sure, they’re not… Continue reading 2012 Scion iQ price

  • 2012 Toyota Yaris

    These are pictures of the European model. We usually don’t get features like GPS, or a cool glass roof in small cars in the US.We can’t even get a Mazda2 with a regular sunroof over here… The new Yaris does look pretty nice, but it’ll now face really tough competition in the US as well.… Continue reading 2012 Toyota Yaris

  • 2012 Audi A5

    You probably can’t see it, but the Audi A5 is getting some small changes for the new year.Mainly new lights and bumpers. At least in Europe.Not sure if the US models will get more changes, like engine choices etc… It’s not much, really. Except the continuous invasion of LED lights.

  • 2012 Toyota Camry

    Not much to see. Still… And it still is looking very close to the current one. From what we see here and the “leaked video” from last week. It doesn’t look like such a step forward in term of design.Maybe the interior is amazing. Or something….

  • 2012 Mercedes B Class

    Just a teaser shot from Mercedes so far. We’ll see the whole thing very soon. And maybe even in the US next year.

  • 2012 Nissan Versa.

    Nissan has just announced the pricing for the all new Versa.The base model now starts at $11 000. $1000 more than last’ year’s model.But it now comes with air and a radio.I tested one without radio last year and it was tough… So it’s actually pretty much the same price. The top of the line… Continue reading 2012 Nissan Versa.