• Next VW Passat

    This IS the next Passat, but which one? At first, it seems to be the new version of the European model. Which has been testing for a while. But these pictures are from China. Where they sell the same version as we have in the US. This also looks to be a LWB version. So… Continue reading Next VW Passat

  • BYD Denza EV

    This is mostly interesting as it is a joint venture between Mercedes and Chinese BYD. (I have heard before that it is based on the previous generation Mercedes B-Class.) They also claim a range of over 180 miles, which is actually really good and about twice the range of other EVs like the Nissan Leaf.… Continue reading BYD Denza EV

  • 2015/16 Lexus IS-F

    The super sport version of the new IS is just around the corner. Packing a 450hp V8. From what we can see here, it will look even more vulgar than the regular V6 version. With more black plastic trim, scoops, wings, spoilers etc… I guess some people want that…

  • 2015 Toyota Yaris.

    The Yaris is getting a new look for 2015. Not as much as the Camry, but still. A whole new front and revised rear and interior. The car pictured here is the Hybrid version which we don’t get. (Since it would compete with the Prius C) And we don’t get the cool glass roof either…

  • Hyundai ix25

    Looks like Hyundai is getting their own Kia Soul. Why not. At least it has its own design. Which doesn’t look half has good as the Kia version. The new Sonata, and now this. They are getting more and more conservative these days…

  • Honda Spirior

    Another Chinese Honda sedan with a ghastly front end. And a stupid name. (It sounds like someone who can’t pronounce “Superior”…) There is also a rumor that it could end up in Europe as the new Euro Accord. (Although I though the new Acura TLX was…) I cannot imagine anyone in Europe buying a car… Continue reading Honda Spirior

  • Lincoln MKX Concept

    As we all know, this is pretty much what the production version will look like. Except for details. Just like the MKC was almost exactly like its concept version. It looks very nice and elegant. Again, it has an “American Lexus” feel to it. Which I think is where Lincoln is trying to be…

  • Chinese Chevrolet Cruze

    Just a few more pix of the new Cruze. The real “New Cruze”. Unlike our 2015 model. Compared to the one we saw yesterday, the white car on top looks to be a base model. The interior seems really nice. Even a bit more upscale than the current car.

  • Mercedes Concept Coupe SUV

    What the hell? Looks like someone at Mercedes wanted a BMW X6 (Just 5549 sold in the US last year) really bad. Or an Acura ZDX??? (Discontinued) This is really bad. Design, proportions. Nothing seems to fit together. Let’s hope this one stays a concept….

  • 2015 Ford Escort

    As mentioned before, this is only for the Chinese market. Not sure what Ford sells over there, but this looks to be the size of a Fiesta sedan. Interior doesn’t look as bad as it could. This being a cheap car. And the overall design is super boring, but not ugly at all. There is… Continue reading 2015 Ford Escort

  • Audi TT Offroad Concept

    This is the second Offroad style concept based on the new TT. It looks like Audi is trying to tell us something. Like, they really want to jack up the new TT and turn it into an SUV. Strange. Out of all the cars they have, they choose their one sports car to do this.… Continue reading Audi TT Offroad Concept