• 2017 Buick LaCrosse

     Here is the second official teaser for the all new LaCrosse. Looking quite slick. Good news since the current car has been around for a while. The new version of the 3.6 Liter V6 will be available. But I’m sure the 2.0 Liter Turbo will be the base engine. Since it is in the more… Continue reading 2017 Buick LaCrosse

  • Lexus LF-FC Concept

    This is supposed to preview the next LS sedan. It does look quite nice. Even with that (bigger than ever) giant mouth. Or maybe I am getting used to it after all these years… It actually is trying. Attempting to give a big sedan design some personality. Unlike the 7 series. Or the A8 (And… Continue reading Lexus LF-FC Concept

  • Nissan IDS Concept

    If you tone it down just bit. Add door handles. Get rid of the blue trim. It does look like it could be the next Leaf. (It probably is) This and the rumored “over 200 miles range” would be quite an improvement. And would sure make the next Leaf even more popular. As for the… Continue reading Nissan IDS Concept

  • Subaru Impreza Concept

    Looking fine. Nothing futuristic. Yet light years ahead of the 80’s looking designs Subaru is producing now. BUT…. Subaru has a horrible history of cool concepts that NEVER translate into production. And we have seen these cool tail lights before on at least 2 or 3 of their previous concepts. So who knows. maybe this… Continue reading Subaru Impreza Concept

  • New Nissan Concept.

    By most accounts, there should be an all new Nissan Leaf sometime next year. This new concept could be a preview. So far, we only have this small teaser. There are also rumors about a range of about 250 miles. Which would be quite an amazing improvement. And would actually match what Tesla is claiming… Continue reading New Nissan Concept.

  • 10.21.2015!!!

    30 years in the making, really. For those (like me) who saw the movie when it came out, this is quite amazing to just “be” today. Unlike the De Lorean, the Mirai does NOT have a great italian design that will look great in over 30 years. And it has about zero cool factor. But…… Continue reading 10.21.2015!!!

  • Lexus Luxury Concept

    Lexus will have a concept version of the next LS sedan at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Show. Which should be quite interesting. The big Lexus sedan is what started the brand in the US. Not it faces competition from new comers to the segment, like Kia and Hyundai. So this better be attractive… But unlike… Continue reading Lexus Luxury Concept

  • Volvo V90

     The S90 sedan isn’t even out yet, and we already get these pictures of the wagon version, the V90. It had been rumored for a while that Volvo will be getting a wagon version of their upcoming top of the line sedan. The car pictured here is, of course, a model. Probably by Norev (Like… Continue reading Volvo V90

  • 2017 Chrysler Town & Country

    This is so far the mod we’ve seen of the all new Chrysler minivan. Looking much slicker than the current, and aging, model. From this, it looks like the front will resemble the 200 quite a bit. And the sides seems pretty “wavy”. There should be  more pictures coming out before the January reveal.

  • Fiat Toro Pick up

    This is, so far, for Brazil. But we all know it could end up as a small Ram pick up in the US. (Or not?) So far it looks OK. Not sure how big this is but it probably is smaller than the Colorado. Which could be really nice. And cheaper. We’ll know more very… Continue reading Fiat Toro Pick up

  • Buick Verano Hatch

     Buick is getting ready to introduce a new hatchback version of the Verano. In China. I really doubt we will ever see this here. As you can see, the Chinese Verano is the exact same car as the new European Opel Astra. (The new hatchback also comes with a sporty GS version ) We should… Continue reading Buick Verano Hatch

  • Untitled Post

    This is kind of sweet. (also a bit weird and sad at the same time) Seeing these guys 30 years later… The future IS electric . VW has just announced a major witch from diesel to electric in the next few years. Mercedes has mentioned similar things before. And so has Peugeot. It’s just a… Continue reading Untitled Post

  • 2016/17 Mercedes E Class

    So far the best picture I have seen of the all new E Class. Of course, it is predictable. Since it always looks like a smaller S Class/Larger C Class. But that’s OK. This looks very nice. A “classic” design that will age well. And will please all current E Class owners, which is the… Continue reading 2016/17 Mercedes E Class

  • Toyota S-FR concept

    This is kind of refreshing. Especially for Toyota. After the weirdness of the new Prius, Mirai. And other giant and aggressive grilles all over. Scoops, lines, more lines. This is simple in a cute retro way. Described as a sub FR-S RWD sports car. To me, this looks production ready. I mean, really. And would… Continue reading Toyota S-FR concept