• Cruising Instagram…

    Back when… – Back when families were buying wagons. – Back when GM had a tiny cute concept under the GM brand. – Back when Giugiaro was designing a Hyundai Concept. – Back when Citroen was using pretty girls to advertise their ugly Ami 6.  – Back when car designers were creating automotive history. And… Continue reading Cruising Instagram…

  • 2020 Land Rover Defender

    This does look like a fine update of the old design. Although, as I mentioned before, the super fans of the old one might still hate it. But really, some people will hate anything new. Let’s hope they planned for an EV version of this. This could be a big hit for them if priced… Continue reading 2020 Land Rover Defender

  • 2020 Kia Xceed

    These are the first official pictures of the all-new Kia Xceed.  Looking great. So far, this will be mostly a  European model. Based on the Ceed hatchback. (A version of the new Ceed is coming at lest to Canada as the new Forte5. But no official plans for the US yet) As much as I… Continue reading 2020 Kia Xceed

  • 2020 Ford Puma

    The new Puma looks pretty cute. It seems like a high riding chunkier version of the current 2019 Ford Fiesta. (The one we don’t get in the US) Which it probably is… At least in Europe, it will be available with a choice of 2 engines, both Hybrid. And both using the 1.0 3 cylinder Turbo… Continue reading 2020 Ford Puma

  • 2020 Audi Q7

    I would call this a very successful mid-cycle refresh. While not all new, the 2020 Q7 finally looks good. (The current model is the white car) I was never a fan of the super boring current generation Q7. But for 2020, the changes are pretty important. Even inside, where all-new dashboard and console bring the Q7… Continue reading 2020 Audi Q7

  • 2020 Land Rover Defender

    We finally get to see what the all-new Land Rover Defender will actually look like. And I think it looks just fine. So far it seems a nice modern rendition of the classic design. But you know the puriss will hate it. Just like they hated the DC100 concept back in 2011. Back then, Land… Continue reading 2020 Land Rover Defender

  • Cruising Instagram…

    – Interesting early takes on the first generation VW Golf. (We are so used to the round headlights, these square ones look really strange…) – If the 1989 Cadillac Solitaire, or something close to it, had gone into production, Cadillac would be so far ahead of where they are now… Everything they have these days,… Continue reading Cruising Instagram…

  • 2020 Cadillac XT-5

     Cadillac has made a few small changes to their popular XT-5 for 2020. At least for the Chinese market. (the US will follow shortly) And they are hard to tell. The one thing they should have done, to begin with, gives it a proper name. Like Lincoln did when they updated the MKX to the Nautilus.… Continue reading 2020 Cadillac XT-5

  • 2020 Audi A3

    The next generation, and all new, Audi A3 seems to be just around the corner. And it does look quite nice. Even though it still looks like an Audi, this is much more stylish than the current one. The model pictured here will be a new raised up version. Like VW does with almost all… Continue reading 2020 Audi A3