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Since Toyota canceled the Celica in the US back in 2005, there have been rumors of a new one…

The illustration above shows what a new-generation Toyota Celica could look like. Although since we have no official info it could actually look like anything Including a new SUV or crossover, who knows?

For decades, the Celica was a pretty popular model for Toyota in the US, reaching over 106,000 units in 1986. Things seriously dropped in the 1990s with just over 29 000 sold in 1993. And went back up when a new generation came out, with over 52,000 sold in 2000. But finally went all the way down to around 3000 units 5 years later after Toyota announced they would kill the Celica.

The 2-door coupe market has not improved since 2005 and I’m not sure why Toyota would spend a huge load of cash on yet another 2-door coupe since they already offer 2 models in the US. The GR86, which sold only around 11,000 units in the US in 2023. And the BMW-based Toyota Supra with 2652 units sold last year.

It would seem to anyone that introducing a third-door coupe model wouldn’t be such a great idea…

However, Honda did decide to spend money on an all-new Honda Prelude. By designing a new 2-door coupe based on the Honda Civic Hybrid. the only way Toyota could have a chance with a new Celica is to use the Corolla hybrid.

There have been more recent rumors about a new Celica, even mentioning the new car is basically ready to go. Although these mention a super sporty Celica model with AWD and well over 300HP. Which I think would limit its appeal and basically would not be a “Celica”. I also cannot imagine Toyota not pushing Hybrid tech in any future model. Since they are getting ready to do a huge push with new EVs very soon, a new Celica would have to have at least some form of electrification.

Let’s hope a new Celica if it ever comes out, keeps true to the original recipe of a good-looking and affordable 4-seater car. “Affordable” would be the key here.

Honda seems to be on the right track with the new Prelude, already mentioned this won’t be a sports car. Which is what the Prelude used to be.

I don’t think 2 door coupes are coming back any time soon, but it’s always fun to see someone trying…

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  1. Toyota could use the underpinnings of the new not-so-new Camry/Prius, its better hybrid system and tune it for higher power output and better driving dynamics. They don’t need to start with the Corolla in order to take on the Prelude, and they probably wont.

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