• Lincoln MKR Concept Video!

    Click: HERE You can really tell on this video that, no matter how good or cool it might look, this car will never be produced.A so called “production version” would not even look close.(remember the “production ready” Zephyr concept?) This is just another tease, another idea of what a Lincoln should be, from a company… Continue reading Lincoln MKR Concept Video!

  • Ugly Citroen C5 illustration

    Let’s hope the next C5 mid sized car from Citroen looks much better than that.And also, more original than the current model…

  • Yes, it is a Honda.

    But it’s not called the HRV .The new Crossroad is still a “smaller than CRV: SUV type car. So it might actually replace the old HRV anyway…And how about replacing the Element ?

  • Honda Odyssey

    The Japan only version. (The small one…)Not sure if this one is all new. I never saw it before, and it’s not the new Stream…

  • New Honda HRV

    Finally a new HRV. We never got the old one in the US, but in Europe and Japan, the HRV was quite popular thanks to its small size.the new one doesn’t look so much like an SUV anymore. It reminds me more of a Chevy HHR. Lower and square.I don’t think we’ll ever get this… Continue reading New Honda HRV

  • 2008 Ford Escape Movie

    Click: HERE for the movie. Here is what I saw at the Los Angeles Auto Show.I was actually pleasantly surprised.It seems the new Escape isn’t trying to be something it’s not.A pretty straight forward car based SUV, still a bit more square than the others. I though it was actually better than the much anticipated… Continue reading 2008 Ford Escape Movie

  • New option on the New Beetle

    Forget the “iPos plug”. This one holds your whole computer.So you can not only listen to your iTune library, but also watch your favorite videos (Like all the Burlapp stuff on Youtube), catch up on your Email,or even read the latest car news on the Hollywood Extra while you drive. Dreams do come true.

  • New Fiat Bravo in the wild.

    I think this is the best looking car in its class.I mean, everything else (Golf/Rabbit, Astra etc…) seems crude next to it. But hey.. That’s just me…

  • Toyota FT-HS Concept

    Or the “super Hybrid” with 400 hp!Mainly powered by the now familiar 3.5 Liter V6. This might fuel again the rumors about a new Supra.Toyota even mentions this RWD coupe could be sold for around $35 000 if produced. So this is pretty much the same system used in a few Lexus models. Nothing really… Continue reading Toyota FT-HS Concept

  • New mini Interior details

    Finally, an armrest!And it looks great. The whole interior does look better and the quality of everything seems better too. At least on the pictures.Let’s hope it is also more reliable…

  • New Mitsubishi Lancer interior

    Not as modern looking as the Civic, but for most people, it might not be a bad thing. The dash does look a bit like the Outlander. And Navigation as an option.I guess the pricing will be key.This market is more and more competitive…

  • 2008 Acura TSX/Euro Accord

    Not too sure what this is.In any case, it seems pretty close to what the next Euro Accord would look like.It even has the new metallic Acura grille design. No matter what, this car will big news when it hits the market.Again, the US version of the Accord should be larger and different.