• Audi A3 Cabrio

    It looks really nice. But I heard before it wasn’t coming over here. the new A5 Convertible will replace the A4 Convertible in the US. I don’t see why they couldn’t see this for around $30 000 in the US…The small BMW 1 series Convertible will start at over $35 000 over here (Insane) so… Continue reading Audi A3 Cabrio

  • No more Vectra?

    Just a rumor for now.The next Opel Vectra might be called Insignia instead. No word on a change of name for the Aura version yet.

  • Dodge Challenger news

    The SRT8, the only model available the 1st year, will be priced at $37 995.And you can order one as soon as next Monday.Black, Orange and silver will be the only colors. A regular V8 and V6 models will be available a year later.That’s quite a bit of money. Let’s hope this doesn’t turn out… Continue reading Dodge Challenger news

  • 2009 Subaru Forester

    Got these from a reader. It looks quite big on the second picture. Official pics real soon….

  • Honda Accord LX test drive

    I am still not used to the design of the new 2008 Accord.Not because it is too modern, but because it looks like at least 5 different designers worked on it, and never talked to each other. It does look more upscale than the previous generation. But when you get up close, it does get… Continue reading Honda Accord LX test drive

  • More Kia Borrego pictures

    Looks like a really nice interior.Except for the stupid key system. Just like in the Passat, you have to enter a weird “non-key key” and push a button.