• jaguar XK sedan

    Seems like Jaguar has a few cars planned for the future.Besides the obvious all new XJ, they are thinking of a 2 door version of the new XF, and a 4 door version of the XK coupe.Which seems pretty weird.But I guess it would compete against the new Porsche Panamera 4 door.So why not… If… Continue reading jaguar XK sedan

  • 2009 Ford Focus

    Ford has decided to introduce a few 2009 models really early.And “Autosavant” report that the new 2008 Focus will finally get rear headrests for the 2009 model year.I mention this here because plenty of you complained about this . This was really unacceptable for a new car redesigned for 2008.The great news is that Ford… Continue reading 2009 Ford Focus

  • GTR Sedan for Infiniti

    I think this is a genius idea. Infiniti has never been successful at marketing their large luxury sedan against Lexus.A car like this would provide them with their own sporty personality all the way up to their most expensive model.Something different nobody else offers. This is the car they need to put them on the… Continue reading GTR Sedan for Infiniti

  • New Ssangyong Chairman

    Not an S class. Not a Genesis.But the new Ssangyong sedan. Granted, it is better looking than any of their SUVs, but what isn’t. When I was in Korea a few years ago I remember thinking, “what is this Mercedes with a weird logo on it?”That was not a Mercedes but a korean copy named… Continue reading New Ssangyong Chairman

  • New Audi A4 Wagon (Avant)

    Well, no surprises here.The new A4 looks like a (slightly) smaller A6. So the wagon version looks like… The A6 wagon. What makes the new A4 special to me is the great interior. That’s were they shine compare to the C class and the 3 series.But, in the US, avoid the 2.0 Liter CVT combo… Continue reading New Audi A4 Wagon (Avant)

  • Fiat 500 Abarth

    The real thing.This one we might actually see over here.They are talking about 160hp with a Turbo.

  • Fiat 500 Abarth

    The real thing.This one we might actually see over here.They are talking about 160hp with a Turbo.

  • New Lancia Delta

    Just when you thought Lancia was pretty much dead. They come up with a great looking car that could change everything for them. Still based on a Fiat, but with its own design and personality.Maybe Fiat should advice Ford about what to do with Mercury….

  • 5 Door Fiesta

    I guess this is just an illustration, still.No matter what, the real thing will end up looking really close. Just add 2 doors to the 3 door they showed us last week.And again, no matter how many doors, this is a great looking car. Let’s hope Ford brings us at least one of the hatchbacks… Continue reading 5 Door Fiesta

  • Opel Meriva concept

    The current Meriva is a cute little car from Opel.This upcoming concept is supposed to give us an idea of what the next one will look like. The Minivan style doors are actually a good idea. usually not seen os such a small car. I wonder if this cool looking thing will ever be considered… Continue reading Opel Meriva concept

  • Saab 9-1 Concept

    Just another teaser from Saab.the concept is rumored to be very close to the production model of the upcoming small 9-1.But from this picture, it looks so close to the Concept X from 2001.The Concept X is still good looking. So let’s hope this swill be one modern looking Saab.A small Saturn might also use… Continue reading Saab 9-1 Concept