• New VW Scirroco

    Yes, it is back.But in Europe only. So far.Engines should be similar to the ones on the Golf. Not quite as modern as last year’s concept. But still better than the Golf/Rabbit.Why can’t we get this???

  • 2009 Mazda6 for the US

    It seems quite different than the European model.Maybe even better looking. At least compared to the Euro sedan version. We’ll know much more very soon. Click on the title for the whole thing from Autoblog.

  • Ford Flex price

    the all new Flex will start at $29 000.That’s a bit more than the overpriced Taurus X.I don’t mean the base price is too much.But a Taurus X can reach about $40 000. which I think is way too much for a Ford.Sure the X has more room, but these are Lexus prices without Lexus… Continue reading Ford Flex price

  • Citroen C5. What could have been

    the top picture is the production model.A very nice looking car.But these other pictures show us what could have been.And it does make the production model very conservative looking, doesn’t it? Same old story, no matter what. No matter where…

  • 2009 Forester pricing

    At $20 660, the new Forester is about $1000 less than the old one.That is pretty good pricing. The Luxury LL Bean version is at $26 660. Then you can always add a Turbo to the base version or the more upscale XT. The top of the line Turbo would be the XT with Limited… Continue reading 2009 Forester pricing

  • Lexus IS Convertible

    Finally. Some pictures of the real thing, testing in Europe.I posted a couple of illustrations of this over a year ago, but I haven’t seen anything since.I heard they had trouble “meeting the price point”. The IS is a really good car and this one should be great.I can’t wait.. Click on the title for… Continue reading Lexus IS Convertible

  • Opel Meriva concept

    Looking really nice.And from the spy pics I’ve seen ,it seems they will keep the rear suicide doors.I don’t really see the point of them if they keep the pillar behind the front doors.This set up isn’t nearly as convenient as the one on the Honda element.