• Final Expedition from Michigan

    It’s not the last Expedition produced. The Kentucky Truck Plant will take care of that now.But this is the last Expedition coming out of the Michigan Truck Plant. A.K.A the old Wayne Station Wagon plant.It will be retooling to produce all new 2011 “Euro Ford” models. The Mexican plant at Cuautitlan, now producing the F150… Continue reading Final Expedition from Michigan

  • Ford Ranger Max Concept

    From the Thailand auto show.I think that finally replacing the Ranger in the US with a small, fuel efficient modern looking pick up truck would be a great idea.Many people still need or want a pick up. They just don’t need something as big as an F150. And most won’t deal with a 10/12 MPG… Continue reading Ford Ranger Max Concept

  • One of GM’s many problems

    Cars that shouldn’t even be produced…. Just look a this ad. Who in their right mind would pay over $3500 to save 1MPG? The Aura is a really good car. One of my favorite midsized sedan. But they shouldn’t even produce the hybrid version.

  • Next generation BMW 5 series interior???

    It could be. (Top photol)And it’s looking much nicer than the current model (Bottom) . At least it isn’t as flat looking. With a “GPS hump” integrated into the dash. And it also looks so much better than the new mercedes E Class interior….

  • GM finally dropping brands?

    Apparently, they’re going back in Washington on Dec 5th with some kind of proposal in order to get money.In order to show they are serious about their survival, they could consider dropping a few brands.These rumors include Saturn, Saab and Pontiac.-Saturn. I thought they were on their way to success… Sure, they do need major… Continue reading GM finally dropping brands?

  • All new Mini Cooper Cabrio

    Finally. The new one is based on the redesigned Mini. The one that came out over a year ago.So it gets the new engines,interior etc…This one also gets rid of the fixed roll bar behind the seat. Offering a much better visibility.

  • Peugeot 3008

    I must say, from that angle, it does look really, really weird…

  • VW Golf Hybrid concept

    They did show a Golf Hybrid concept last year. But this improved version is based on the new design. Its about time. Seems like everyone is chasing Toyota. The new Prius next month will be their 3rd generation of a production hybrid. And a giant car maker like VW can only announce a production version… Continue reading VW Golf Hybrid concept

  • Auto show thoughts: Kia Soul

    The Soul does look great in person. And still quite a bit larger than the old Scion.But the interior does look and feel really cheap.The design of the dash is very nice and pleasant. Much more so than the Scion. But again, it’s mostly cheap and hard plastic.Same thing with the doors. It does remind… Continue reading Auto show thoughts: Kia Soul

  • Auto show thoughts: Dodge Challenger

    Another great looking car.I have only seen 2 on the road since they came out.What a shame. This car looks striking in many subtle ways. Sure, the interior isn’t as original as the new Camaro, but the quality is there.Good plastics well put together everywhere.And the view through the smallish windshield is definitely retro.

  • Auto show thoughts: Chevrolet Camaro

    This car looks amazing in person.It does look like a concept car. I was surprised they kept the roof so low. Almost as low as on the concept version.It looks wide too. A great looking car that is well worth the wait.

  • Auto show thoughts: Lexus RX

    I thought this looked bad in pictures, until I saw the real thing.it looks much worse in person. The front end just looks plain weird.And there is so much chrome everywhere.Luxury in a vulgar looking way.