• Auto show thoughts: Mazda3

    I liked it from the pictures and I wasn’t disappointed when I actually sat in it.A very nice and upscale looking small car. The interior is great, with lots of soft plastics everywhere.

  • Next VW Polo

    VW will have a new Polo next year (This is still just an illustration).They said before that the new model would make it in the US as a cheaper and smaller car than the Rabbit.But I haven’t heard anything about it for a while.I wonder if they changed their mind…

  • All new Mazda3 Hatchback

    And looking good. Not as original as the first one, but they didn’t ruin it. This car with the new larger 2.5 Liter engine should be an amazing choice among compacts in the US.

  • 2009 Nissan Z price

    The all new Z will start at $29 930 for the base 370Z. It goes on sale in January. Followed a few months later by the 2010 Z Roadster convertible.

  • More pictures of the 2010 Nissan Cube

    But beware. All these are photo of the japanese version. We get bucket seats and a console instead of the bench. A more boring wheel design.And no sunroof for us either…

  • Volvo S60 Concept

    Sure. A “concept”.But just like they did with the XC60, this is pretty much what the new production version of the S60 will look like. I hear the car is larger than the current model. To distance itself from the S40.But wouldn’t that make it closer to the S80? We’ll see….

  • All new VW GTI

    Well.. As new as the “new” Golf.Which is a heavily revised version of the previous one. I think the new front end looks great and as aggressive as can be.The new Golf has been getting great reviews in the European press. And I just saw it in person a few days ago and can say… Continue reading All new VW GTI

  • Peugeot 3008

    Unlike the Mitsubishi Outlander based 4007, this will be a real Peugeot.Actually, more like a crossover type high wagon than an SUV. But that might just be what the market wants right now. Interior is also light years ahead of the Outlander. We’ll never see it here.

  • Saab 9.3 X

    These pictures are not all new, but I just finished driving a Saab 9.3 AWD wagon for a week and liked it very much.I think this new addition to the line is great. Next is an all new Opel Insignia based 9.5. The new 9.1 and a slightly smaller all new 9.3 based on the… Continue reading Saab 9.3 X

  • Kia Amanti replacement

    Still very covered. But it’s looking pretty good so far.The current Amanti is one of the worse looking car on the market. It was when it came out,and the years don’t help. I guess this is based on the Hyundai Azera. So I’m not sure how they will appeal to a different audience. The current… Continue reading Kia Amanti replacement

  • 2010 Toyota Prius Commercial/Teaser

    Not sure why the picture is all cramped. It needs to be stretched back.But it gives us a really good idea of the upcoming all new Prius. I’m sure this will be another huge hit for Toyota.A “trunk” Lexus version comes out next year.