• US Buick Regal???

    Not sure what this is exactly. But it’s not really the Chinese Regal. And it’s not the new laCrosse.With recent rumors about Opel building a smaller Buick fro the US, I wonder….Looks like a modified Chinese Regal to me.Here is the new Chinese Regal.

  • No 2009 Astra for the US

    I bet.Since they are selling about half the number they had hoped for in the first place. There are plenty of 2008 Astras sitting on dealer lots.I test drove one and really liked it. But the 4 speed auto has to go. Plus the engine isn’t that great.And the interior is nice but starts showing… Continue reading No 2009 Astra for the US

  • Aston Martin Rapide

    Sure it will be expensive. Very expensive.But the Porsche Panamera won’t be cheap either. At least this does look like a super special luxury item.

  • Next Hyundai Equus/i70

    Another picture of the next big Hyundai.Again, we can’t see that much.I should really be waiting until the official stuff comes out. But hey, I’ve got a site to run.I need to post stuff all the time. Otherwise people complain, and I make zero money….

  • Jaguar XE

    The XE will be an all new car for Jaguar. It will not be a super mid engine sport car like previously thought, but a smaller, front engine coupe competing with the new BMW Z4, Porsche Boxter and Mercedes SLK.I think this is a great opportunity for Jaguar. And a better way to offer a… Continue reading Jaguar XE

  • Dodge Avenger Info

    2009 Dodge Avenger To bring you this comprehensive review on the 2009 Dodge Avenger, TheCarConnection.com has researched all the best review sources on the Web. The editors of TheCarConnection.com have spent time behind the wheel of several different Avenger sedans and brought their driving impressions to help make the advice and information in this review… Continue reading Dodge Avenger Info

  • Opel Insignia GTC

    GTC is the name of the sport versions for Opel. This will get a twin turbo V6 good for at least 320hp. If the Insignia ends up over here as a Buick, don’t expect this one to make it across the Atlantic.I don’t think there is any market in the US for a 320hp mid… Continue reading Opel Insignia GTC

  • new Toyota Auris Verso

    The Auris Verso will be replacing the Corolla Verso in Europe in a few months.That’s because the Auris replaced the Corolla. Even though over here, the more boring version of the same car is still called the Corolla.Verso is the name they use for their high wagon version. They even have a smaller Yaris Verso.… Continue reading new Toyota Auris Verso

  • The XLR is dead…

    Well, almost.Production of the Corvette based Cadillac will stop in a few weeks.That’s too bad. I guess it does make sense. How many of these do they sell? But it would have been great to see what a second generation would have looked like. In related news, the CTS coupe has been delayed until late… Continue reading The XLR is dead…