• Opel Ampera

    This seems to be the Opel version of the Chevrolet Volt.With pretty much the same specs. Hatch, 4 seats, 60km range on the battery etc… And look for the weird cuts in the bumper under the headlights to make it into future Opel designs as well.

  • Next VW Polo

    A few more illustrations of what the next small VW could look like.Both are surprisingly similar. It would be a nice little car. A small sub $15 000 VW for the US.

  • All new Mercedes E500 Coupe

    Even though there will also be a V6 version, it’ll still be a “way over $50 000” car.I must say, these official pictures make it look a bit better than before. But that interior with the beige/brown combo doesn’t look too upscale, does it… A convertible will follow soon.

  • Chery S18

    Another small crossover coming up. In China… Remember back when Malcolm Bricklin was going to sell Chery cars in the US?I wonder if any of these would have made it…

  • Chery A6CC

    This really nice looking coupe has been in the works for years after they showed the concept version.I just wonder when it will actually come out. These latest spy shot show a production model pretty much identical to the concept. Designed in Italy.

  • All new Hyundai Equus.

    The “larger than Genesis” Hyundai does look quite different than it’s smaller brother.engines will be the same as on the Genesis, plus a new 5.0 Liter V8 with 400hp. This doesn’t look bad. Even more interesting than the Genesis. No plans for US sales. Yet….

  • Guessing the next Saab 9.5

    A few people have tried over the past couple of years.But so far, only the 3rd illustration seems close to the spy shots I posted earlier. Unfortunately,it is the most boring looking one. The last picture was taken at a GM meeting, showing the real thing. At least an optimistic illustration of it… I would… Continue reading Guessing the next Saab 9.5

  • Next Saab 9-5

    At least from these pictures, the shape isn’t looking very futuristic, or original.But the Insignia based 9-5 will be a welcome change. Finally a new 9-5. The current model is one of these cars that looked old when it came out. I remember seeing prototypes of it around Hollywood and couldn’t believe this was a… Continue reading Next Saab 9-5

  • Rumor of the day…

    Once again, talks about some kind of alliance between Chrysler and Fiat.I imagine Chrysler is desperate and would accept anyone as a partner.Not sure why Fiat would do it though. Maybe to gain access to the US market? What do you think?