• Lexus LF-LC Concept

    This is one attractive Lexus.Not sure yet if this will ever make it or not in production as the next SC or not. But it would be great, and exactly what Lexus needs.

  • 2013 Mazda6

    This is obviously an illustration based on the Takeri Concept.Which could be really close to the real thing. It does look nice, but a bit too close to the current, and low selling, model. I think Mazda needs something that stands out a bit more. The current one is a great car. And it looks… Continue reading 2013 Mazda6

  • Toyota NS4 Concept

    Not much s known yet.But it could be a new Plug in Hybrid concept. Looks pretty stylish so far. Maybe the long rumored Prius based coupe is on its way…

  • Nissan Pathfinder Concept

    This looks like another one of these concepts that is basically the upcoming production version with larger wheels.It already looks pretty nice. But I am not sure it has that “Pathfinder Look”. Nissan has been pretty good so far at making sure each new versions still looked like a Pathfinder. But this one is even… Continue reading Nissan Pathfinder Concept

  • Chevrolet Sonic RS

    This isn’t really a sporty version of the new Sonic.It has new wheels, a more aggressive front end, spoiler etc…It also gets a revised suspensionInside the new seats don’t really look sporty. The RS seems more like the kind of Sport package they were offering in the 70’s and 80’s. Bigger wheels instead of more… Continue reading Chevrolet Sonic RS

  • VW GTI Test Drive

    -HOW IT LOOKS.The GTI is basically a sporty version of the Golf. Always has been .A few years ago they just decided to drop the Golf name. So it just looks like a Golf with larger wheels and a more aggressive front end. Which is just fine. The shape isn’t really sporty, but it is… Continue reading VW GTI Test Drive

  • 2013 Volvo V40

    We’ll see more of the new small Volvo when it is officially revealed at the upcoming Geneva auto show.For now we have this teaser and the new name: V40. It will replace the S40 sedan and V50 wagon as well as the C30 in the line up.As you can see, it is more of a… Continue reading 2013 Volvo V40

  • Mercedes SL: 10 years in the making.

    The top one is the all new 2013 model.While the car at the bottom is the 2003 model. I have never seen such little progress in a design, in 10 years. This is quite amazing.I am sure the new car is better in every other way. But design isn’t one of them…

  • 2013 Buick Encore/Opel

    These are obviously pictures of the European Opel Version.But besides a new grille, it does match the teaser photo of the new small Buick. So it is not a Meriva. But both are still based on the same platform.Which means we can expect the 1.4 Turbo to be the only engine available in the US,… Continue reading 2013 Buick Encore/Opel

  • 2013 Buick Encore

    Yet another new car for the 2012 Detroit auto show, the all new Buick Encore compact crossover.And a god idea for Buick to compete in a popular segment.Not sure what it will look like from that picture, but recent Buicks do look fine.There were rumors a while ago about a small SUV based on the… Continue reading 2013 Buick Encore

  • 2013 Dodge Dart Interior

    Another picture of the new Dart. This time a shot of the passenger door.Which we’ll be filling under “so far so good”.