• All new JDM Honda Odyssey

    Looks like there is an all new Odyssey for the japanese market. We all remember the very 1st generation that was sold here . It was a “smaller than minivan” van. With regular car doors. But eventually Honda decided the US needed something much larger for the second generation. In Japan, the local Odyssey kept… Continue reading All new JDM Honda Odyssey

  • Lexus IS-F Coupe

    Another monster coming up from Lexus. I just saw the new IS sedan driving around a few days ago, and it’s not pretty. This is a complete mess. Although this is just an illustration, I wouldn’t put it past Lexus to add all these vents, skirts and wings. I am sure the base model would… Continue reading Lexus IS-F Coupe

  • Porsche 911 Targa

     Porsche has been testing a Targa version of the new 911 for a while now. And this (kind of weird) illustration shows us what it could look like. Which is really a blend of retro and futuristic. The Targa style is so familiar to the 911. It will be really nice to see the new… Continue reading Porsche 911 Targa

  • Hyundai iX25

    This all new Hyundai model is rumored to be based on the Kia Soul platform. We’ve seen some of these prototypes before, and they actually do look a bit like the Soul. Not sure this will make it to the US or not. It will be smaller than the Tucson, known as the iX35 in… Continue reading Hyundai iX25

  • Chang-An A301

    Another day, another Chinese copy. This ones reminds me of a lot of cars. Including the Yaris and the Sonic. I am not even sure the black part of the top is actually a sunroof. I can’t see any cut lines, so it could just be black paint? What does this remind you of?

  • 2014 Mercedes S Class

    I know, the new S Class is already out. So why is it still testing, camouflaged, in Los Angeles? Unless this is the next C-Class? What do you think? (Thanks to Jon for this)

  • Fiat Viaggio Hatchback

    Still testing in China. Where the sister car to our Dodge Dart will be offered as a hatchback. I hope Chrysler is considering this for the US as well, where the Dart seems to need help. They need to ditch the DSG type transmission people are complaining about and replace it with a proper automatic.… Continue reading Fiat Viaggio Hatchback