• Cadillac ELR

    There is no doubt the new Cadillac ELR looks fantastic. From any angle, in any color. And after sitting in one, I can say the interior is as great as the exterior. BUT…. Just like the Chevrolet Volt, it doesn’t offer a sunroof. They also got rid of the hatchback. So even though it looks… Continue reading Cadillac ELR

  • 2015 Hyundai Genesis interior

    Seems really nice, so far. What came out as boring in early grainy pictures seems more “understated” now. They just didn’t go for a flashy look. Which is nice. This could turn out to be quite a classy car in real life.

  • Next Nissan Cube?

    At firs tit might look like the small NV200 van. But I drove one recently (review coming up) and it is not it. The only thing it could be is the next Cube. I’ve heard that Nissan might not bring the next version of the Cube over to the US. Even though sales were down… Continue reading Next Nissan Cube?

  • 2015 Honda Fit Sedan/City

    Just some pictures from the launch in India. Again, this is, for the 1st time, coming to the US. Where it will compete with the Versa sedan. It already seems a much, much nicer car than the Nissan. I think this will actually also hurt the Civic. At least the low end models of the… Continue reading 2015 Honda Fit Sedan/City

  • 2015 Hyundai Genesis

    We have seen it before, but these are official pictures of the all new Genesis. Looking much better than the 1st generation. Engines are similar, with both the 3.8 Liter V6 and 5.0 Liter V8 still being offered. Both with an 8 speed auto. They say everything is “real” inside. Real wood, real aluminum trim… Continue reading 2015 Hyundai Genesis

  • More pictures of the new Honda Civic Tourer

    This modern looking wagon is based on the Euro Civic Hatchback. So this is not for us. Which is too bad. You would think maybe Acura could use something that stands out in a crowd…

  • Volvo S60 L

    This long version of the good looking S60 is for China only. Adding over 3 inches to the wheelbase doesn’t make the car look weird at all. But it looks like it makes quite a difference inside. It has now a slightly longer wheelbase than the S80. While looking much more modern.

  • 2015 Honda Fit Sedan

    There was always a sedan version of the Fit. Called the City in most markets. We just never got it here in the US. Things will change next year when the sedan version of the new Fit will join the hatchback in the US. For the 1st time, we will be getting a smaller Honda… Continue reading 2015 Honda Fit Sedan

  • Next Toyota Camry mule?

    This was taken in the Los Angeles area. It looks like a mule for a “longer than Corolla” sedan. Which would mostly be the Camry. Although the next Camry isn’t due before 2016 at least. Unless they decided they need an early redesign to better compete? What do you think?

  • BMW i3 Quick drive

    I had a change to drive BMW’s futuristic i3 as part of a media event a few days ago. And very much looking forward to experience the “BMW of electric cars”. By now, we have all seen pictures of the i3. In person, it stands pretty tall. And the whole thing looks really futuristic. Like… Continue reading BMW i3 Quick drive