• 2017 Maserati Levante

    About zero surprise here. As it just looks like raised up hatchback version of the Ghibli sedan. No specs have been released yet. Except it will be available with gas and diesel engines.(duh…) And an 8 speed auto. It doesn’t really look better, or as good as many other SUVs out there. I think the… Continue reading 2017 Maserati Levante

  • New Volvo V90 video

    No old guys No fake presidents No talking Just a great looking car in a great looking environment. Just enough to make you want one.

  • Something you don’t see every day.

    That would be “rain”. The thing we really don’t see every day over here. And when it rains, something magical happens in my neighborhood: new, weird cars appear. Yesterday alone I saw this old Citroen DS and the rare “last Saab 9-5”. I can’t wait to see what the next rainy day will bring…

  • 2016 Ford Ranger

    No, we’re still not getting this. Of course, Ford might be afraid to compete with it’s own “giant cash cow” F-150. But Chevy did it with the Colorado, and it seems to be working for them. This Ranger came out a few years ago, but got some changes for this year, and still looks really… Continue reading 2016 Ford Ranger

  • 2017 Volvo V90

    Another great looking wagon! And this time, we will be getting it in the US! It looks fantastic, has the same amazing interior as the S90 sedan. A glass roof. And even a plug-in hybrid option with a 30 miles EV range. This could be the perfect family luxury car. As it looks so much… Continue reading 2017 Volvo V90

  • Nissan Altima Spy shots???

    These were actually taken today, and sent to me by a reader. It seems really strange for Nissan to camouflage this car, since it is the current 2016 Altima. I checked everything, and I can’t see anything new. Maybe a very early mule for the next “all new” model, due out in a couple of… Continue reading Nissan Altima Spy shots???

  • 2017 Audi Q2

    Here we have what will be Audi’s smallest SUV, the new Q2. “Sportier” and more modern than the Q3, it is based on the newer MQB platform. So it’s basically a Golf. After seating an a Q3, I’m not sure why they would want to even go smaller. But, I guess it makes sense in… Continue reading 2017 Audi Q2