• All new 2017 Ford Fiesta

    I have been watching the launch event, and grabbed some of these. For you. The new Fiesta, at least in Europe, will come in a super luxury version called Vignale. (Like other Euro Fords) It is the white car . The yellow one is an all new model called the Active. Basically what VW is… Continue reading All new 2017 Ford Fiesta

  • All new Ford Fiesta

    Looking good so far. Even though the current Fiesta came out 8 years ago, I think it still looks really good. (Much better than the tortured looking new Honda Fit) The grille on that new one does look a bit sad though… The new Fiesta is being unveiled today in Europe, so stay tuned for… Continue reading All new Ford Fiesta

  • Kia GT/K8?

     Whatever they call it, the all new RWD sedan will be quite a looker. (Not as slick as the earlier concept bellow of course. ) Not sure how big this thing is. If they call it K8, it could be larger than the new Cadenza. I personally think this should replace the large K9 in… Continue reading Kia GT/K8?

  • All new VW Arteon

    The all new Arteon will replace the old CC next year. The CC was based on the previous Passat. And this one will be based on the current European model (Not the one we have here) And, it will finally be a true hatchback! The CC has been out for a very long time, and… Continue reading All new VW Arteon

  • 2017 Alfa Romeo Stelvio

    This gives us an idea of what the “regular’ Stelvio model will look like. Not the the crazy 500HP Quadrifoglio version we saw a few days ago. The 2.0 Liter pictured above is the one that people will actually buy. Even if all car magazines will only want to test drive the Quadrifoglio. And, of… Continue reading 2017 Alfa Romeo Stelvio

  • Friday night cars at Bob’s Big Boy…

    Just came back from good old Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank. A good friday night, with lots of really cool looking old cars. Nice to see all these colors. From the days when cars were not all grey…

  • 2017 Jeep Compass

    Not sure if it was the wine at the “Cadillac Cafe”. Or the beer at the “Genesis Event”. Or even the scotch at the “Toyota C-HR extravaganza”. But I totally missed the all new Jeep Compass even though I was looking for it… So here are a few official pictures. For the fans.