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The 2026 Cadillac Vistiq will be a new 3-row EV SUV based on GM’s Ultium platform, like all their other EVs.

We saw the real thing a few months ago already. And I think it was a bit disappointing, as it just looks like a smaller Cadillac Escalade IQ. Which I guess is the point from a marketing point of view.

I was really expecting more, much more, from a modern Cadillac design. Maybe something that could have included a few retro design cues like the illustration on top. It seems designing a larger 3-row EV SUV opens up tons of possibilities. Cadillac already missed an opportunity when designing the poor old XT6 a few years ago, and I’m afraid the new Vistiq is following an unfortunate trend.

This is a model that is still almost a year away from going on sale and it just doesn’t look inspiring or very modern. I cannot imagine that many people got excited when GM unveiled the 2 photos above a few months ago. A true 3 row SUV from Cadillac that isn’t gargantuan deserves better, much better.

Apparently, pricing is expected to start at around $65,000 or a bit more. Which would be very competitive. But I cannot see any Rivian owner dreaming of making the switch to the Vistiq. Or anyone else for that matter. By that time we will have the new Hyundai Ioniq 9 and maybe even the Genesis version. And maybe Lincoln will finally show us their new 3-Row EV SUV.

No matter how good they are, new Cadillacs really need to step up their designs. Maybe their 2 new Ultium sedans will look better…

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  1. I think Vince is being way too hard on the design of this Vistiq. I think it is a very handsome, very modern-looking large crossover. Cadillac hasn’t been able to apply its new design language to its entire lineup yet, so there is no way it will be changing it up again. The rendering does show a nice design, but an AI generated image is not the same as a design which has some actual thought and engineering behind it. Designers and engineers spent many months – into years – on the design of cars and have taken into account aerodynamics, cost, assembly, crash-worthiness, passenger room and comfort and a whole host of other issues that an AI generated image never will. So people can hit the “make-look-nice” button and get 50 different images with no effort and not realize how much work an actual new design actually takes.

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