• Chrysler Imperial Concept

    I am not sure where to begin… These are pictures of a new Chrysler Imperial concept, published by Motor Trend magazine.And the show the ugliest car I’ve seen in many, many years. It really is a disgrace. Chrysler had some great designs about what a larger luxury car should be, before Mercedes took them over.The… Continue reading Chrysler Imperial Concept

  • Aston Martin Rapide

    For years now, Aston Martin has claimed they are working on a 4 door sedan. They’ve done it before. The last one was the crazy futuristic looking Laghonda from the 70’s. But this time it looks like they just added 2 more doors to the DB9. The DB9 is one of the best looking cars… Continue reading Aston Martin Rapide

  • New VW Scirocco

    Another illustration from Europe.Lots of people are trying to guess what this will look like. Of course it will be based on the Golf.So expect similar engines.But with the death in Europe and the US of the Celica, it doesn’t look like great timing for small sporty coupes. Or is it?A new small Mazda coupe… Continue reading New VW Scirocco

  • BMW 1 Series, Sedan and Coupe

    More illustrations.And from what the hatchback looks like, they seem pretty accurate to me. There won’t be much surprises when they come out.And these are the ones we’ll get in the US, not the hatchback. Being “cheaper” than a 3 series, I would guess they could start at around $26000, before options. And I don’t… Continue reading BMW 1 Series, Sedan and Coupe

  • Mystery car…

    Again, can you guess what this is?I can’t tell you the answer because… I don’t have it. All I can tell is that the picture was done during winter testing in a very cold place (Duh…).And the car behind seems to be a Japanese market Nissan Van. But the car itself looks to me more… Continue reading Mystery car…

  • 2007 Infiniti G37

    This is a Japanese illustration of what the next Nissan Skyline, our Infiniti G35, could look like. It seems pretty realistic, but very close to the current one. Nissan usually is more original when they redesign their cars.And they also mention a larger 3.7 Liter V6 for the car.

  • Lincoln Concept

    Not sure what the actual name is, I hear D3, but who knows… It looks great no matter what they call it. And it does look smaller than what I thought.It doesn’t look to be the Town Car replacement, but more the size of the LS.And I have no idea what it is based on.… Continue reading Lincoln Concept

  • Nissan Urge Concept

    I am usually not crazy about concept that have no chances of ever turning into a production car. But this one is pretty cool. Very modern, but still a few retro touches like a T top roof, and a look that reminds me of the Lotus the “Prisoner” was driving back in the 60’s.This would… Continue reading Nissan Urge Concept

  • Lincoln Teases

    The top picture is a detail of the new Aviator. Pretty much what everyone was expected. The front looks much more like last year’s concept. But the other picture… What is it?It isn’t the new Zephyr.I think it is the new Town Car replacement based on an AWD version of the Ford 500.And that detail… Continue reading Lincoln Teases

  • Volvo C30

    These are the real thing.The “concept” that will be shown at the Detroit show next month.It is pretty much the same as the actual production car that is scheduled to debut at the Paris auto show in September 2006.And that also means the car will only be on sale in the US in 2007. Over… Continue reading Volvo C30

  • New Scion Xb

    Here are some pictures of the new Toyota bB. The car sold here as the Scion Xb.So it is safe to say the next Xb will look pretty much like this . And I don’t think it is as original as the 1st one. I am not sure if the weird colums shifter will make… Continue reading New Scion Xb

  • Toyota Supra ?

    Just another Japanese illustration of what a new Supra could look like. For years now, people have been trying to guess the next Supra. It’s not even sure that Toyota wants a new Supra…So it might actually be the new Celica. If there is one. The current one is still sold in Japan.

  • 2007 Volvo C30

    This looks pretty real to me, but who the hell am I ??? It does match the previous spy shots we’ve seen of the car, and the teaser shot of the rear light I posted just a couple of days ago.And Volvo has said they would present a concept version of the car, not the… Continue reading 2007 Volvo C30