• Nissan Teana

    The Nissan Teana is due for a few changes next year.As you can see, the front end includes a new grille and bumper.Not that much.The interior is almost the same, with new door handles design. But Nissan is revising the Maxima for 2007 to be more luxurious and compete better with the Avalon. And I… Continue reading Nissan Teana

  • Toyota Yaris 1.8 Liter

    Toyota is getting a more powerful version of the small Yaris ready soon.The 1.8 Liter puts out between 130 and 180hp in the US. Quite a jump from the small 1.5 Liter. But this little Yaris won’t make it here. It is mostly for Europe and Japan. And maybe, just maybe, we can only hope… Continue reading Toyota Yaris 1.8 Liter

  • New Nissan X trail

    Mea Culpa…You guys were right. The previous post about the Xtrail showed a current version sold in other markets.But this, although it is a quite ugly illustration, shows the next one. The new X trail will share its platform with a small Renault SUV. And you can see the body is similar to the Renault… Continue reading New Nissan X trail

  • 2007 Lexus LS

    Nothing we didn’t know. It is pretty much the same car as the concept they showed just a little while ago. The grille is more like the current model, and the wheels actually look nicer than the concept. There are talks of a 4.6Liter V8 and a larger 5Liter V8. And a hybrid. We might… Continue reading 2007 Lexus LS

  • 2007 Volvo C30 ?

    You tell me.It does look like it…At least , it is different than the previous concepts tail lights, so it might just be the real thing. We’ll know more next month when they bring to Detroit a “close to production” version of the S30. Yes I know, another concept. Why not show the real thing???

  • 2007 Toyota Highlander

    Hold on! This is just an illustration. But it is actually the second one I see with a similar design . Both ugly I must say.If that is really what Toyota has in mind for their next Highlander, you’d better run to your nearest Hyundai dealer and sign up for the next Sant Fe.I cannot… Continue reading 2007 Toyota Highlander

  • 2007 Toyota Corolla.

    Again, sorry for the bad picture. But I think this is the 1st shot of the next “Corolla with a trunk”.Basically, the one we’ll get. Just like I thought, the trunk ruins the car. It now looks like any other sedan that has been on the road for the last 20 years…We’ll now more soon.

  • Nissan X-Trail

    The X trail is due to get a new front end design. Again…The small Nissan SUV came out in Europe in 2001. And the front end was changed for the end of 2002. With the addition of the Altima’s 2.5 Liter engine.This time, it looks like thay want to make it look less”trucky”…But a replacement… Continue reading Nissan X-Trail

  • 2007 Lexus ES 350

    I have to apologize for the poor quality of these pics. We can’t really see anything new, but I thought I’d post them anyway… The new double sunroof/glass roof option is very visible on these shots. And the side of the car doesn’t seem covered, besides the funny tape.In the front, they’ve put the tape… Continue reading 2007 Lexus ES 350

  • 2007 Honda CRV

    Just a few more small news I’ve gathered about the next CRV: -Still a 2.4 Liter engine with now 170hp-A real hatch, for the 1st time. -No more spare wheel attached to the rear door. -Actually just a bit shorter, about 3 inches.-But lower (quite a bit) and wider.-Scheduled for August 2006. Not sure if… Continue reading 2007 Honda CRV

  • New Nissan Sentra ???

    Could the new Nisssan Bluebird become our new Sentra. The old Bluebird used to be the Altima. Now the Altima is too big for non US markets.So this new smaller Nissan could very well be the new Sentra. It almost looks good enough to be a small Infiniti. What do you think, new Sentra or… Continue reading New Nissan Sentra ???

  • Dodge Challenger Concept

    The Challenger concept will be presented in Detroit next month.It is supposed to become production reality for 2008. Around the same time as the next Camaro. Both cars seem to look very similar as well… The Challenger is said to be based on the platform of the next Chrysler 300. And of course, using an… Continue reading Dodge Challenger Concept

  • Next Mercedes E Class

    During the year 2006, the E class will get one of these minor and useless facelifts that Mercedes does so well.Changing the rear light colors, adding skirts on the side of the car etc…That will be good for a couple of more years. These illustrations show us what we might get after that.At least, they… Continue reading Next Mercedes E Class