• Lincoln MKS

    Click to Play The all new Lincoln MKS replaces the old LS. It looks pretty nice, especially in the front. But the car still lacks the quality feel of most imports of the same price.

  • BMW X6

    Click to Play After seeing it in person, I can say it looks great. I though it was a stupid idea at first. But it does look quite striking in the flesh.

  • Mercedes CLC

    An early rendering.back from when they were thinking of spending some real money and designing an all new car based on the new C Class.It does look a bit like the Accord coupe (I wonder if Honda saw these a few years ago).And it would have been miles ahead of the actual production model. A… Continue reading Mercedes CLC

  • R.I.P: Isuzu

    That’s right. Isuzu will stop selling in the US as of January 1st 2009. Except for some commercial trucks.They, of course, will still take care of maintenance of previously sold cars and trucks. Not sure for how long. So, another one bites the dust. Not really a surprise.But who’s next? Any guesses????

  • Pontiac Wave

    Another weird one.Even thought this is for Canada only, it doesn’t really make sense as a Pontiac.It is just a Chevrolet Aveo with a Pontiac nose.And they don’t call it the G1, or G2, but the Wave. Before you think this will never make it over here, remember that the G5 (Cobalt coupe) was another… Continue reading Pontiac Wave

  • 2009 Ford Fusion

    I posted this a few months ago.But will all the recent spy pictures of the actual car showing up everywhere, I thought it could be a good idea to look at this again.It does seem to match the spy shots.I think the best part of the current Fusion is its front end. Looks like this… Continue reading 2009 Ford Fusion