• Mazda 6 Coupe???

    That what this illustration from Mazda seem to indicate. Unless they changed their minds between the time they did the sketch and the actual launch of the car in Europe a few months ago. It does make some sense, at least for the US. Where we already have the Accord and Altima coupe. Let’s hope… Continue reading Mazda 6 Coupe???

  • More Camaro interior pictures

    With more details.Most of the door panel is still covered up. As are the headlights.And again, a pre-production car like this one is not 100% final. Trim details might and will change. Click on the title for more.

  • New Camaro in L.A

    These prototypes were spotted at L.A.X at night. So we might see more of them during the day around here.Keeping them in the news until a year from now. When they actually come out… Click on the title for more from Autoblog.

  • Hummer H3T Alpah

    Another pick up version of an SUV. I guess sales of the H3 are so hot in the first place that just had to have a pick up version.After all, the Explorer Sport Track is selling like hot cakes…. In Bizaro world.

  • Suzuki Equator

    Basically a Nissan Frontier clone with a big macho grille. Is the market for smaller pick up trucks so hot that Suzuki must have one?Is this the right way for them to get noticed? It’s just a little bit weird….

  • Saab 9-4X Concept

    This looks pretty much production ready.Except the trick sliding tray in the hatch, the big wheels and some trim.I real life, it is really nice looking. Roomy with a really nice interior.Power comes from a version of Saab’s 2.0 Liter turbo. I hear the cool glass like finish on the dash might even make it… Continue reading Saab 9-4X Concept

  • Buick Riviera Concept

    This looks really amazing in person.As you can see, it is the same GM showed at the Chinese auto show last year. where they sell more Buicks than in the US. And I wonder if they are actually considering a hatch for the production model.I talked to the head of Cadillac design about the CTS… Continue reading Buick Riviera Concept

  • Smart in L.A

    A couple of friendly readers sent me a few pictures of a Smart taken on the freeway. It looks a little odd to me. the black wheels, the “out of state’ plates. Is there something new about this one???? Someone I know just picked up hers over the week end.I’ll check it out and report… Continue reading Smart in L.A

  • Another CLC picture

    A nice interior. But still the same as before. Or maybe the doors are new? Nice color anyway. and if they offer the same cream/black combo they have on their other cars, it can look pretty upscale.It’s just too bad the dash is still the old one. No matter how much we love it/hate it,… Continue reading Another CLC picture

  • jaguar XJ???

    This is an earlier sketch from 2003 of what the next large Jaguar could look like.No doubt influenced by the new XF. We’ll have to wait to see if they kept going into this direction.

  • Camaro production interior.

    Still looks like a nice transition from the concept.And remember, these are still pre-production cars. All the trim isn’t there yet. Click on the title for more.