• New Honda City

    If I am not mistaken, the current City is just a trunk version of the previous Fit.So I guess this is the more conservative version of the new Fit. Honda was thinking about selling this for a while, but they decided to give us the Fit instead. Thank God… But I noticed that the front… Continue reading New Honda City

  • More Insignia pictures

    The Interior of the new Opel Insignia looks really nice.Let’s hope GM leaves it alone in the US?Saturn translation… Does anyone know when this is actually available in Europe?

  • CTS Wagon?

    It looks like the real thing. The Cadillac CTS wagon. It also looks like it has a major blind spot.At least on this picture, the design looks almost weird. I guess at least it doesn’t look like other wagons… Click on the title for more….

  • Next Megane

    The Renault Megane will be all new next year.To better compete with the new Astra and also the Mazda3. I think Nissan should find a way to sell this over here. How about this one instead of the dorky looking Stanza?This could go head to head against the next Saturn Astra. The problem is cost/price.… Continue reading Next Megane

  • G6 revised

    The Pontiac G6 will get a new front for 2009.Not all new, let’s say “newer”… I’m not sure that was really needed. But what is needed is a revised interior. The current one is actually OK, but that car deserves better.It drives very nice, feels very solid, looks good. But the interior is far inferior… Continue reading G6 revised

  • Next BMW X3???

    Could be. Right now, the X3 might be the worse looking SUV out there. Suited only for those who must drive a BMW and nothing else. The next version can only look better than the current model….

  • Honda Freed

    The Honda Freed, the weird one…This new 6 seater seems to be based on the new Fit. Japan only. For now.Let’s hope this never makes it over here….

  • Inside…

    The next Mercedes CLK Coupe.It seems to follow the blocky trend we see in the GLK and the next E Class. This seems to unattractive to me. It reminds me of horrible 80’s designs…

  • Next Astra

    With the current one.The next Opel Astra looks much sleeker. More like a 5 door version of the current coupe.Ready to compete in the US with the next Mazda3.