• 2011 Samsung SM5

    The big sedan from Renault’s Korean unit is finally being redesigned.The current model is based on the Japanese market Nissan Teana.Quite a nice car. ( I actually saw one up close in Europe last year). But the Teana was the cousin to our previous generation Maxima. A car introduced in Japan in 2003…The next one… Continue reading 2011 Samsung SM5

  • 2011/12 US Ford Fiesta

    These are the 1st pictures of the US version of the Ford Fiesta.You can see the sedan has a different grille. Which is OK.The 3 door hatch might still appear later.Here is a pic of the Euro version to compare. I think Ford did a great job with the US model. Incorporating it better with… Continue reading 2011/12 US Ford Fiesta

  • 2012 Small Mitsubishi SUV?

    This is what I was told. But it really doesn’t match the spy shots I have seen of their upcoming compact crossover.So maybe it is a replacement for the Outlander? Who knows… Any idea?

  • Mitsubishi i in the US?

    Mitsubishi is actually thinking about bringing over the tiny iCar in the US.Maybe with a “larger’ 1.0 Liter engine. ( It currently uses a smaller 660 CC engine)It has been on sale in Japan since 2006, but still looks really original. And compared to the Smart, it seats 4. Here is an interesting test drive… Continue reading Mitsubishi i in the US?

  • Revised VW Tiguan

    The top picture is the “new” version. Appearing in China this week. It will be the one we’re are getting here next year.They didn’t even change the shape of the headlights, just the bumper and the grille.A cheap makeover… With only a bit less than 9 000 units sold in the US for the first… Continue reading Revised VW Tiguan