• Kia KV7 Concept

    Besides the crazy doors and the concept bits all over, especially inside.This is supposed to give us hints of a future Kia Crossover. Not bad at all. This, or something close, would make a great “Next Sorento”.

  • Nissan 370 Z test drive

    -LOOKS. Although I still think the previous generation was a better and more original design, the current Z is quite a good looking car.With a really strong presence on the road.It does look the part of the sports car that it is. My test car had the Sports package which include a set of gorgeous… Continue reading Nissan 370 Z test drive

  • 2012 Mercedes C Class

    Small changes outside.More changes inside. The whole thing still looks good.And I guess I am getting a bit used to the newer Mercedes blocky interior designs. Or is it the classy tan/black combo on the picture? The bigger news is the return of a smaller 1.8 Liter engine in the base model. And the really… Continue reading 2012 Mercedes C Class

  • All new Toyota Vitz/Yaris

    This is pretty much our new Yaris for next year.It is supposed to be getting the best gas mileage of any Toyota sold in the US (I guess even better than the Prius)Thanks, partially, to a new CVT and a Start/Stop system that cuts off the engine when the car isn’t moving. It is much… Continue reading All new Toyota Vitz/Yaris

  • 2011 Chrysler 300 Interior

    Just details, but it is already much better looking in dark, with darker wood, than the beige/light wood combo we saw a few days ago. And my favorite, the glass roof, is a new option. More pictures soon….

  • All new 2011 Nissan Sunny

    Not really sure what the new Sunny is. With its 1.5 Liter engine, it could very well end up being the next Versa sedan in the US.But its interior is mainly from the new March/Micra. Which is smaller than the Versa/Tilda.So is it a Micra sedan? One thing is certain, it is ugly enough to… Continue reading All new 2011 Nissan Sunny

  • 2012 US Ford C-Max

    Europe has the 5 seater C-Max and the 7 seater Grand C-Max.Here, were are only getting the 7 seater version, but it will be called C-Max. (Which pretty much means we”re never getting the 5 seater) It looks the same as the one sold in Europe. Just like the new 2012 Focus. But instead of… Continue reading 2012 US Ford C-Max

  • Lexus CT200h US price

    The all new Lexus Hybrid will start at $29 995, including destination. Which isn’t bad. After seeing it, I can say this is one of these cars that does look much better in the flesh.A “Premium” model will be $31 775. It includes Moonroof and Heated seats. Options are:-Premium Audio Package : $1125 (add $300… Continue reading Lexus CT200h US price