• US Ford Focus ST

    Looks like the US version will be getting different tail lights.Still, for once, it is really hard to tell the difference between a European Ford and a US one. And the US lights do seem a bit more interesting.

  • 2012 Fiat 500 5 door

    Fiat did mention that a 5 door version of the small 500 was in the works.It would most certainly become the most popular 500 in the US. This illustration looks pretty realistic, showing us what 2 more doors would look like.It still looks nice and cute.

  • 2012 BMW 3 series?

    Let’s just hope this is another lame illustration of the next 3 series.That BMW will not get that lazy for their next model. The 5 series is a great looking car in person, but the new 3 should be more than a shrunk 5. At least a little more. We’ll get to see the real… Continue reading 2012 BMW 3 series?

  • 2012 Audi A3

    just an illustration, but it does look pretty nice. Lately, Audi seems to be designing better looking hatchbacks than sedans. Like the A7 and A5 Hatch.So the A3 should turn out really nice.And their interiors have gone from boring to really interesting lately. I can’t wait to see the real thing…

  • All new Fiat Freemont?

    Weird rumor from Europe about Fiat getting a version of the revised 2011 Dodge Journey. This is a bit strange for a few reasons.The Journey doesn’t look like anything Fiat would design in the 1st place.Plus, it is really big by European standards. Longer than a BMW X5 or even a Range Rover Sport. And… Continue reading All new Fiat Freemont?

  • Karl Lagerfeld sells VWs

    The famous designer is somehow the new spokesman for VW in Europe. Or at least in Germany. In this one, he seems to play a complete idiot who thinks he’s in Paris instead of a studio in Germany.Because these cars look so damn good. he thought he was in a Paris fashion show… Weird…

  • New Ford Territory.

    The “new” Ford Territory doesn’t seem that new when compared to the current model.The main change is up front, with some new tail lights in the rear.Maybe a new interior.The current model came out in 2004, and is based on the RWD Falcon, so it is not related to anything we have in the US.… Continue reading New Ford Territory.

  • New Nissan Sunny/Versa

    More pictures of the small Nissan Sedan.This will, most likely, become the next Versa for the US market. And it does fit what a Versa is known to be. It’s all here:-Awkward proportions-Tiny wheels-Too tall-Too narrow-Looks like a 10 year old design-Roomy and cheap.

  • 2012 VW Cabriolet

    Still just another illustration. But VW has announced a while ago there will be a convertible version of the current Golf coming soon.Not sure if it will be much cheaper than the 2012 Beetle Convertible (It should be, otherwise, what’s the point) And not even sure if it’s coming to the US or not. It… Continue reading 2012 VW Cabriolet