• Roewe 750 in Europe

    Chinese/Korean car maker SsangYong (better known for its disturbing looking SUVs) will sell the “Chinese Rover” in Europe starting in 2009. So they also could, later, sell the MG version, the MG7, and even more models like the smaller Roewe 450.

  • “Toyota’s Smart”

    Toyota will show their new super mini at the Frankfurt auto show. The car should be going on sale in the Summer 2008.And oddly enough, it might end up in the US as well.That is if the Smart does faily well. I guess Toyota is watching how the Smart does in the US. There are… Continue reading “Toyota’s Smart”

  • 2008 Saab 9.3

    Click HERE for the whole thing from “Automotorsport” The current 9.3 will live for a couple of years before an all new model.I like the convertible version a lot. And these are really nice improvements.The interior will stay the same, it was upgraded for 2007.The V6 could get around 290hp. I think the new front… Continue reading 2008 Saab 9.3

  • It’s official!

    This IS a clay model for the production2009 Camaro.And boy were they right when they claimed it was going to be very close to the concept… Here is the official word on the pic: “A full-scale production clay model of the 2009 Chevrolet Camaro starts to take shape at GM’s Warren, Michigan, Design Center, Rear… Continue reading It’s official!

  • 2009 Dodge Challenger

    It’s alive! Photo taken inside the Canadian factory.Most likely a test mule being built. The regular production hasn’t started yet. Check out AmericanMuscle.com and their new line of 2009 DodgeChallenger Parts.

  • Future Chevrolet

    This picture is a crop from a PR shot inside the Chevrolet design center.So this is something they are working on. I think it is the Cobalt replacement. It looks like a small Camaro and I think that’s what they’ll do.But who am I really…. What do you think???

  • Production Camaro????

    I am talking about the car on top, the one behind GM’s big suits.(The bottom one is the concept).There might be a few differences… Are they? Bob Lutz has said the production car would look almost exactly like the concept.And they will even offer wheels almost as big on some V8 models. So maybe this… Continue reading Production Camaro????

  • Riviera Concept with babe!

    Thanks to Autoblog, we can see what the good looking Riviera concept looks like next to a good loking human female. Always good to know…

  • New Toyota Sienna (?)

    This is a Toyota. A minivan.So I guess it really could be the next Sienna. It is due next year, based on the 2007 Camry platform.We can’t tell much from the picture, really… But I think, it could really hurt the new (and quite ugly) Chrysler minivans…No matter what’s under the cardboard, it couldn’t as… Continue reading New Toyota Sienna (?)